Shemer Het “Ebony Bow of Sekhmet” (Lesser Holy Weapon of Evil):

Sekhmet is one of the lesser deities of the Church of Light and Dark. Most images show her as being lioness headed and it is also sometime said that she is the wife of Anhur. Often, the two are worshiped together with her considered a War Goddess just as Anhur is considered a War God. Her favorite weapon is said to be the bow, a short composite bow. While also considered by most to be honorable like her husband, she also is sometimes called the “Lady of Slaughter” and “She who Mauls.” It is said that she shows no mercy and is known for extreme blood lust.

There is a famous bow that is said to have either have been made by her or by one of her priestess. This is a bow know as “Shemer Het.” While considered a Holy Weapon of Evil, none of the enchantments are those who also are not seen on holy weapons dedicated to the good gods and goddesses. In fact, there is a bow that is considered the near mirror of this bow dedicated to the Setet, another lesser warrior goddess.

As far as stories, the bow is believed to at least be several hundred years old. Most of the wielders of the bow have been worshipers of her although many are also worshipers of Anhur. Some have been priests and priestesses, most priestess than priests, but by far not all. About two thirds of the wielders of this bow have been women. When those who do not worship her have tried to wield the bow, accidents often befall them. Interestingly though, those worshipers don’t seem need to be particularly devote. Stories exist about priestesses coming to a owner of the bow and offering to consecrate them to remove the curse. Getting rid of the bow however does not seem to remove the curse but instead the curse has to be removed separately.

A composite bow, one that looks like it is made from different materials, the main body of the bow appears to be made from some kind of black wood. The bow has metal fittings including the tips where the string runs through, the arrow rest, and the grip itself. The metal appears to be from a bronze that is almost red in color. The tips of the bow are in the design of a lioness head. As far as the string itself, it is black with fringes on each tip. The bow seems to never need to be unstrung. While the grip appears to be metal, it is also wrapped in leather to make for an easier grip.

Even though believed to be at least centuries old, the bow shows no real signs of wear and tear. It is exquisitely balanced and the equal of some of the finest bows ever made. As with many enchanted bows, the bow adjusts to the strength of the archer using it. This takes several days to fully adjust. As such, an arrow fired by a stronger archer will be far more deadly. The weapon is a foe slayer with arrows doing more damage than an arrow should even when accounting for the archer’s strength. Against creatures of magic and supernatural beings, it is even more effective. When fired, each arrow glows with a red light.

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