Alchemist's Eyes (Miscellaneous Magic Items):

Alchemist's Eyes are a unique magic item which appear to be either a pair of tiger eye gems or a pair crystal gems in the design of an eye. They always come in pairs and if one of the gems is destroyed, the pair is ruined and a new gem cannot be made to replace the destroyed one. They are both rare and expensive and are extremely prized by both Wizards and Thieves. These items are most common in the Western Empire

The magic item works to create a one way ability to see where looking into one gem will allows the person to see through the other gem as is through an eye. The person looking into the gem can only see approximately a thirty degree cone. There are many uses for the item including for spying and positioned around for security. They can also be carried to allow someone else to see what someone else is seeing. Pairing one of these Eyes with a Ring of Tandem Telepathy can be extremely useful in this role.

There are two basic versions of the Alchemist's Eye. There is the lesser version which has a maximum range of around one mile and a greater version with a range of one hundred miles (160 km.) There are stories of Alchemist Eyes having the range to cover thousands of miles and even across dimensions although most scholars dismiss these stories.

Cost: Lesser Versions: 10,000 Gold, Greater Versions: 80,000 Gold

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