Ververran (Enchanted Round Shield):

Some warriors and adventurers carry a number of darts inside their shield but this is limited. Normally only around five or six or carried. This of course makes the shield heavier and a bit awkward. Larger weapons such as javelins are effectively impossible to carry in this manner. One inventive trick is to create a dimensional pocket which enables a number of these weapons. Up to around fifteen light throwing spears can be carried in this manner. In addition, the shield is not weighted down by the light throwing spears or darts.

Even more enterprising, a few enchanted shields combining this enchantment with the regular enchantment have been made. One of the most famous of these is a shield known as Ververran. While several hundred years old, it is not truly an ancient magic item. Some scholars have wondered why none of the ancient alchemists considered making such shields. Nobody knows who made this shield. There are various stories about early owners of this shield although it is unclear who the first possessor was. Since the creation of this shield, it has been copied a number of times.

In appearance, Ververran is a classic round shield. The shield is convex to give better protection of the wielder’s arm. Appearing to be made from golden metal, it has a diameter of around three feet. Raised from the surface, the shield has a series of elaborate designs of battle. Intricately done, these designs make the shield a work of art. If the shield was not enchanted and indestructible, these designs would not have survived. While there are some shields chose in design to Ververran, none are identical allowing scholars to identify this shield. It is a finely balanced shield, equal to some of the best shields ever made.

The shield has a dimensional pocket built into the inside. The wielder simply reaches into a pocket built into the shield and pulls out a light throwing spear or throwing dart. Larger spears and javelins cannot be carried and the pocket is limited to around thirty pounds total. For short throwing spears, generally that limits the shield to being able to carry fifteen spears.

Otherwise, the shield has a number of more common enchantments. The obvious one is that the shield is enchanted to be indestructible. The other enchantment is that the shield inflicts greater damage than is normal for a shield. In effect, it is designed to be able to be used as an additional weapon.

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