Eastern Leather Armor of the Forest (Magical Leather Armor):

One of the newest specially crafted magic items. The wife of one of the largest Kingdoms within the Eastern Territories is an extremely skilled ranger. She has worked on a variety of special projects for her husband's kingdom. One of these was to form a special scout unit which is composed of skilled Rangers, Psi-Mystics, and other professions. The queen acts as their nominal leader although they mostly work independently. Still, they are extremely loyal to the queen. While comparatively tiny in number, the extremely skilled scouts often work as the eyes and ears of the kingdom. It is believed by most that the scouts have managed to overt several wars through their activities.

Long before the Eastern Territory ever formed, there was a similar scouts for the Elven Kingdom. Special suits of enchanted leather armor were made for them called "Leather Armor of Starlight." The Elven Kingdom fell over ten thousand years before and the scouts had virtually died out long before then. Still, a tiny number of their armor survived and it inspired the queen to have commissioned special sets of leather armor for her special scouts. The alchemists were not able to exactly duplicate the original Elven armor and the queen had no wish for her scouts armor to be identical anyway. Still, the armors are quite amazing and highly valued. It is believed that several dozen of these suits have been made in total. There is believed to only be a handful found outside of the hands of the queen's scouts.

The armor itself is supple soft leather armor which is extremely well crafted. This high quality leather armor is extremely comfortable and does not encumber the wearer. In fact if a modern comparison was made, it would wear much like a dancers leotard. The base color of the armor is brown but has different shades of green in raised leaf patterns which are extremely detailed. Even though the armor seems to blend into the forest, the distinctive armor can only be considered a work of art.

Through the enchantments in the armor, the Eastern Leather Armor of the Forest can be extremely strong even though it is extremely light weight. The armor is as protective as a full suit of plate and chain armor and is actually tougher than the metal armor. As well, the armor has the ability to regenerate damage. The armor cannot repair itself as fast as some enchanted metal armors in the Western Empire but is extremely effective. Due to the armor's ability to repair itself, some much survive for centuries if not millenniums. The Elven Leather of Starlight has the ability to blend itself with its environment. Not the equal of the Chameleon spell, it has the advantage of having an indefinite duration. This is duplicated in the armors which were commissioned by the queen although the enchantment is far easier to do on this armor due to it already being in a camouflage pattern.

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