Blackwood Bow (Magical Short Bow):

While sometimes called "The Assassin's Bow," the bow is also popular with others as well. Still, most of its possessors have been assassin. This includes the very first owner. Before the assassin died, she was pretty well known with stories of arrows coming out of the dark. Nobles lived in fear of her. She was killed by an accomplished range who was able to track back on her position while she was attempting to assassinate a noble. That ranger possessed the bow for a number of years himself.

It is a relatively recent enchanted weapon, believed to be less than a hundred years old. Even though there appears to be only one of the bows with the exact enchantments of the Blackwood Bow, there are a few bows of similar appearance which makes the situation confusing. Nobody seems to know who made the bow with the first owner now dead. It has been suggested that she killed the alchemist who created the bow.

As the name indicates, the bow appears to be made from black wood. The string as well appears to be made from black material. The hand grip of the bow is wrapped in black leather. Otherwise, the composite bow is almost undecorated. Even so, an expert at bows examining it will be able to recognize the quality as outstanding, equal to the finest weapons made by the elves.

The most interesting property of this bow is that when an arrow is fired, it is surrounded by a dark aura. The bow itself does not make a sound while being fired, the arrow does not make any sound while in flight, and actually does not even make a sound when it strikes its target. Unless one sees exactly where the arrow came from, it is extremely difficult to track the archer down. This, of course, makes the bow extremely popular with anyone who wants to strike silently. Of course, many archers will also use Shadow Meld and other enchantments to make them even harder to spot and move after firing just a couple of arrows.

The other enchantments are more common. As with many enchanted weapons, the bow is indestructible and shows no signs of wear and tear. The arrows penetrate further into a target than would seem normal. The enchantment seems to aide in the bow's penetration. Similar to many bows, the short bow will adjust itself to the strength of the archer. Already, the bow is extremely well balanced and an archer will fid himself or herself likely shooting more accurately and further than before. The great range of the bow makes it even harder to find where the arrows are coming from.

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