"Charm" Collar (Enchanted Collar / Bracelets):

This is a relative simple magic item, most popular in the Western empire, but available in other lands as well. It is extremely useful in the controlling of slaves by slave masters. While wearing this collar, slaves will not try to resist the commands of the slave master. This allows the slave master to bring the slave, especially valuable slaves, into market and sell the slave without resistance. Only a few slave owners use these collars every day for their slaves. Quite a number of alchemists know how to create these collars. Still, they are relatively expensive which restricts the availability.

The "Charm" collar is almost always a fairly simple, unadorned bronze or iron collar. Some are made from exotic metals as well. Some have a ring in the front to control a slave if they initially rests the enchantment. While they do lock, there is little need because subtle magic makes it so the wearer will not want to take off the collar. While generally collars, these are also available as heavy bracelets. There are also creations for various supernatural creatures.

The enchantment is a permanent version of the spell "Charm." As soon as the collar is locked around the neck (or bracelet around the wrist) of the wearer, it activates. They will trust and believe everything the slave master tells them. This includes that it is right for them to be a slave. The first person who the slave sees is who the "charm" bonds them with; However, the slave's "master" can still tell the slave to follow another commands although this is a bit more limited.

When put on, the wearer does get a saving throw against the spell; However, because they usually cannot take the collar off, they have to continue making saving throws every few minutes. Unless they can somehow get the collar off somehow, it is virtually inevitable that they will be enslaved by the magic.

Effects: The charm enchantment can influence any intelligent creature. The enchantment victim will fall under the immediate influence of the first person they see unless they make their saving throw. They will have to continue making saving throws every few minutes unless they can take off the collar. He or she will believe everything the slave masters tells him /her, trust the slave master as if he / she were a loyal friend, do his / her best to please/ help/ assist or protect him / her, and will answer any questions truthfully and in as much detail as requested. They will also feel that the slavery is completely acceptable. The charmed individual will not do anything that is contrary to his / her alignment.
Cost: 30,000 Gold

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