Enchanted Twinned Scroll Tube of Teleportation (Miscellaneous Magic Items):

These magic items are a popular magic item with diplomats, nobles, and scholars. They are relatively common around the Palladium world. A relatively large number of alchemists know how to make these magic items. Still, they are relatively expensive.

In appearance, these tubes are usually made from metal. Often the tubes themselves are made from brass. Many however are silver or gold plated. They may also be highly engraved and covered in precious and semi precious stones. Looking inside the scroll tube, one will note a number of wards. They are on average about twelve inches long and one and a half to two inches wide. Usually, there is a cap on the tube which slides onto the top and will turn to latch into place. Some have locks to prevent others from opening the scroll tube.

Inside the tube, a variety of items can be stored. Most common items of course are paper / parchment. These can include messages, treaties, scrolls, and maps. They are not however limited to them and items such as coins and gems can also be placed into the case. Even some small enchanted items such as pens of endless ink or even possibly a slim dagger.

These two tunes need to be created as a set and are linked together. They are enchanted so that one object can get teleported from one scroll tube into the other case. As one might expect, this allows the sending of messages over long distances. The scroll tubes can be activated up to three times per day to teleport the object inside the case. In order to be activated, the cases need to be sealed and a command word is spoken. Range of teleportation is 300 miles / 482.8 kilometers.

There is an extended range version of the tube with a range of 500 miles / 804.7 kilometers. The scroll cases can also be enchanted so that they are sealed magically and can only be opened either by the individual which the item is linked to or can be enchanted so a secret word allows them to be opened.

While rarely a concern, maximum weight teleported is limited to 50 lbs / 22.4 kg. However, if the entire cylinder is filled with gold, the weight of gold is only 25 lbs / 11.2 kg.

Cost: Standard: 30,000 Gold / Extended Range: 40,000 Gold. “Seal” Versions: Additional 5,000 Gold.

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