Untangle Comb (Miscellaneous Magic Items):

A highly practical magic item, this magic items is far more common than its opposite. Many women scrimp and save to buy this magic item. Of course who does not want a magic comb or brush which magically breaks the worst knots in their hair. The magic item is available in brush for as well. While plain versions exist, there are also highly decorated which Nobles and the wealthy love. Often they are highly decorated. These are sometimes made from precious materials such as jade or ivory. Others are made from gold, silver, or platinum. These are often encrusted with gems to make them even more valuable. Some of these items can be worth a fortune just on the materials used to make them.

When this comb or brush is used, even the worst tangles in the hair immediately become untangled. The tangles just seem to disappear as the hair is brushed. Hair even becomes sleek and takes on a luster. It does also work on hair that has been tangled by a "Tangle Brush" and may be one of the few options available.

Cost: 2000 Gold (Highly decorated versions can cost several times more)

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