Ar'thakin the Dragon Slayer (Dragon Slayer Bow):

Aytrelia Elerinara had watched the lands that had once been the great New Kingdom fade into chaos. The elves and dwarves had done it to each other and they would reap the rewards. Still, she would do what she could to stem the destruction. She had been born in the final days of the Kingdom.

From the wild northern lands, several dragons had descended on what had once been prosperous places. She specialized in hunting dragons. While primarily a ranger, she had also studied the arts of a wizardess, allowing her to defend herself against many of their spells. One day she thought that one would kill her but her long bow allowed her to fight dragons on an equal basis.

The latest dragon was an ice dragon that had moved into a peaceful valley. The elves had managed to survive the onslaught of the hordes which had appeared in ever increasing numbers after the fall of the Elven Kingdom. Killing the dragon would not bring back the dead but would at least prevent the dragon from killing anybody else.

Aytrelia quietly prowled up the rim of the valley, looking down at the ruins of the houses. The ice dragon was really a beautiful creature. It was huge, almost an adult by appearances. Generally, she hunted younger dragons. They were tough enough to kill already. She had heard that most dragons minded their own business. If they did, it was none of her concern.

For a long time, Aytrelia watched the dragon. Carefully, she selected a very special arrow. This one was made from dragon bone and had the feathers from an angel. She had been told that the angel had given up the feather of her own free will to help dealing with creatures of supernatural evil. It was the only one she had and she could only hope she could recover it.

From any normal arrow, the dragon would be safe where it was but the arrow would fly several times further than any normal arrow. Aytrelia drew back carefully and released the arrow. A very slight whistle could be heard as the arrow flew through the sky straight towards the giant snow white creature. Just a moment before the arrow struck, the dragon looked up either from its own sixth sense or maybe from the slight sound.

It did not matter. The arrow struck solid and penetrated deep into the hide of the dragon. Enraged, it rose, looking around while bellowing in pain. She did not expect one arrow to take the creature down although it looked badly hurt. She drew a second arrow, a normal dragon bone arrow in this case. This one did not penetrate anything like as deep as the first arrow but at least it hit and penetrated. She was able to get a half dozen arrows into the hide of the creature before it was able to close with her.

It was her turn now, the dragon breathed a great stream of ice at her. The magic of her bow meant that the dragon's breath did no damage to her. The creature looked at her with some amazement after it had engulfed her and she emerged from the attack unharmed. While it stared at her, she took the opportunity to sink another arrow into the dragon.

None of the younger dragons had survived so many arrows. At this rate, it would take several dozen arrows before she could kill dragon. Unless she was careful, she could run out of arrows before she managed to kill the beast. Of course, that was assuming that it did not kill her first. She had to wonder if it might actually be a young adult. As Aytrelia notched another arrow, the dragon dove down on her position. She dodged just in time. The magic of her dragon slayer bow did not protect her from the claws and teeth of a dragon. Its strike shredded the ground where she had been standing.

It was time to fight smarter not harder. The dragon took of to gain altitude for another dive. Before the dragon finished its bank towards her, she cast a spell on the ground in front and behind her. Aytrelia could only hope that the dragon did not notice. As the dragon completed its bank, Aytrelia took a moment to fire another arrow. This one missed unfortunately. Still, it seemed to enrage it more.

Instead of retreating back, she slid to the side. It caught her with a claw and penetrated deep into her armor. Aytrelia was badly hurt by the dragon, worse hurt than the creature was from all of her arrows. The dragon though was stuck, caught in the carpet of adhesion she had cast. It struggled in the carpet but would several minutes to escape at best. She could attack if from outside its claws and teeth.

It was more of a slaughter than a battle but if the ice dragon got its claws on her again, she would be dead. It took all but four of the arrows she had to slaw the creatures. Still, finally the creature's head lay down on the ground and the light went out of the dragon's eyes.

Ar'thakin the Dragon Slayer dates from before the Elf and Dwarf War although it is unknown just how old the bow is. It is believed that the bow has slain dozens if not hundreds of dragons. Most have been young dragons but at least a few have been full adults. It has been lost multiple times, often when the possessor took on a dragon beyond their ability. In some cases, wielders have been killed by creatures other than dragons, some minions of the dragons but in other cases just situations of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The bow is greatly feared by dragons.

The long bow looks like it is made from some kind of silvery material. While the bow flexes like a normal bow, the material does not feel like wood. Each tip of the bow appears to be in the design of a claw with a black string between them. There is no visible way of unstringing the bow. Both the bow and the string appear to be completely indestructible. In ancient Elven letters is carved into the bow the name "Ar'thakin." It is as well balanced as the finest elven bows and it incredibly accurate.

While primarily made for hunting dragons, the long bow is quite capable against non-dragons. It adjusts to the archer's strength and arrows will penetrate deeper into armor when fired from a stronger archer. Against dragons however is where the bow is truly effective. As with most "Dragon Slayer" weapons, the bow inflicts incredible damage against dragons per arrow. When firing special "Dragon Bone" arrows, it inflicts even more damage however. Other effects are when the shooter is firing at dragons, the rate of fire is greater than they would normal. In addition, the possessor is also completely immune to the special abilities of a dragon and any psychic abilities a dragon might have.

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