Shadow Crossbow (Magical Crossbow Pistol):

These crossbows are designed to be small and easily concealed. While well know as weapons of thieves and assassins, these weapons are popular among many others. The fact that they are small means that they are easily carried on ones side. A number of alchemists have the ability to make these enchanted crossbows and these crossbow can be found all over the Palladium World.

The stock and bow staves of these crossbows are usually made from black wood or are stained black. In some cases, they are also stained a dark grey. Othewise, these crossbows are usually relatively plain although still of the finest workmanship. When not being used, the bow limbs are against the stock. When activated, the limbs extend from the sides and the string expands. A bolt can be loaded on the crossbow but not cocked and ready to fire when the limbs are against the stock

These crossbows are usually made by skilled Dwarven or Kobold craftsman and are extremely accurate. While elves make the finest normal bows, Dwarves and Kobolds make the best crossbows.

These crossbows have a number of enchantments. When commanded, the crossbow transforms into the form ready to be fired. The other enchantments are that the crossbow is indestructible. As with many enchanted bow type weapons, the crossbow adjusts itself for stronger users. Finally, the crossbow is enchanted so that bolts fired inflict greater damage than is explained by strength alone. The bolts glow a shadowy black glow when fired.

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