Armor of the White Swan (Magical Double Chain Armor):

An incredible set of double chain armor, this armor is believed to have been created for an Elven Princess when the Elven Empire was at its height. There is also a famous Elven Swan Crown but few believe that the original owner was the same individuals. The crown was made for a sorceress while the armor was made from a warrior. Most stories tell that the princess that the armor was mad for was an incredible warrior. Some suggest that she was a knight although some also suggest that she was a ranger.

It is not clear what happened to the elf that the armor was originally made for and what happened to the armor after her death. Some scholars suggest that the armor was kept within the family line for generations. Which could have meant hundreds or thousands of years. Only some fragmentary histories exist which seem to describe the armor. Eventually, the Elven Empire fell and the armor was one of numerous items thought lost.

Only a few hundred years ago, a group of adventurers found the armor in the ruins of a fortress in the lands of the Old Kingdom. Since then, the armor has been through the hands of a number of female warriors since it has been recovered. In this number, several wealthy noble knights have possessed the armor. It is believed that all of the owners since the armor was rediscovered have been human.

As was described above, the armor is extremely beautiful. The metal of the armor appears to be silver, too white for even the most polished steel. The rings are indented in a pattern on the chest and the back so there is the design of a swan. For being a design on rings, there is quite a bit of detail. The rings are extremely high quality and the rings appear to be just formed in place, not riveted together. A wearer will find that the suit is very unrestrictive to their movement.

As far as enchantments, the most spectacular is that the armor regenerates damage that it takes. This enchantment is most common in the Western Empire. It is believe that if the armor was completely destroyed, the armor will no longer regenerate. The armor should be relatively heavy but the enchantments make the armor almost weightless. The armor also is quite quiet, almost noiseless. The enchantment makes the armor tougher to damage than a normal set of double mail. In several cases, a normal set of double mail would have been destroyed. Finally, the armor will fit itself to the wearer although it seems only able to shape itself to female wearers.

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