Windrella (Transformable Weapons):

The lance is an excellent weapon for charging attacks but is bulky so few Knights and Paladins carry them while adventuring or on long trips. Some have solved the problem by having alchemists enchanting an item to transform into a lance. One knight came up with an alternate solution. This was to create an enchanted sword which could transform into a lance. In normal combat the weapon would remain a sword while when needed for a charge could be transformed into a lance. As well, a knight could charge with the lance for the initial attack and then transform the lance to a sword when they get involved into the fray.

The weapons was originally made for a human knight during the founding of the Eastern Territory who was later killed in battle. As well, his entire family has been lost in history. Even the location of the family's holdings are unknown. The Elven Alchemist was one of the most skilled alchemist even known but unfortunately his magic have been lost. It is believed that he was killed by raiders during the anarchy of the times. While other Alchemists have tried to copy the enchantment, no one has ever been able to discover his secrets. The weapon has passed through the hands of many famous knights and paladins, most who served the Eastern Territory with great honor. The weapon has been stolen several times but has always been recovered by a knight or paladin.

In its sword form, Windrella is a slim long sword. It is incredibly attractive and appears to be made from pure silver. The sword is straight bladed and etched into the blade is the design of vines and roses. The handle is wrapped in the design of vines. The bottom of the handle is in the design of a rose and each of the quillons ends in the design of a rose as well. The sword is incredibly well balanced and is very sharp. The scabbard of the sword is covered in white silk and mimics the word with the design of silver rose and vines. When the weapon transforms into a lance, the hand guard becomes a complete shield and the handle widens and extends. A ten foot shaft extends from the front of the hand guard with the blade remaining on the tip. Along the shaft, the lance has the design of roses and vines. The rose and vine design goes around the front of the lance's shield. Like the sword, the lance appears to be made from pure silver.

The sword is transformed by the command word of "Alaran" to that of the lance. The transformation takes about two seconds. The same command is used to transform from a lance back to a sword. It is normally carried in the long sword form because it is lighter and easier to handle. The enchantments which allow the sword to transform into a lance has been lost and no living alchemists know how to recreate the magic. The weapon is indestructible and is about eight hundred years old yet shows no sign of wear. The blade is extremely sharp and never needs sharpening. Like most magical weapons, the weapons are of exquisite craftsmanship. While believed to be crafted by Elves, it is equal to some of the best Dwarven crafted weapons in existence.

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