Ceihdyn the “Fire Spear” (Enchanted Spear):

While spears are among the most common weapons, there are not anywhere near as many enchanted spears as there are enchanted swords. Part of this is due to the fact that many nobles and knights carry swords and they can often afford enchanted weapons unlike common soldiers. As far as weapons though, only daggers are more common than spears.

Still, there are a number of enchanted spears including a number of famous ones. One of the more well known ones is an enchanted spear named “Ceihdyn.” It is also known as the “Fire Spear” due to its enchantment. The spear itself is believed to be several centuries old but still far less than a millennium in age. As such, it cannot be considered a truly ancient weapon but it is not a relatively recent item either.

It is suggested that the spear was commissioned by an adventurer after coming back from a huge haul of loot in the wasteland that was once the Great Elven Kingdom. It is told that the weapon was carried in the family for several generations before the family line died out. Since then, the weapon had drifted around, carried by various hands. Most have not been nobles although a small number have been.

It is a beautiful weapon. Most spears, even a fair number of enchanted ones, are relatively plain. The head of the spear is relatively wide with a silvery head with the designs of flames in red metal inlaid into it. The wood of the shaft of the spear is a golden wood, highly polished. The weapon, even though centuries old, shows no signs of wear.

The enchanted spear is relatively long, around eight feet in length. Otherwise, it is extremely well balanced. An owner will find the weapon to be better than almost any other weapon they have ever wielded. The blades and point of the spear are extremely sharp. Even without its enchantments, the spear is the equal of any Dwarven master crafted weapon.

Only a relatively few Alchemists know the secrets of making enchanted weapons that can burst into flames on command. This is the most spectacular enchantments of the spear. This enchantment can be activated up to three times per day with a duration of twelve minutes per activation. The spear has the more common enchantment that when thrown, it will return to the thrower. In addition, the spear appears to be indestructible as the weapon’s physical description suggests.

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