Splint Armor of the Lion Heart (Magical Splint Armor):

This suit of armor is believed to have been made for a king of a long lost kingdom. It is suggested that he carved a kingdom in the north in the chaotic years after the fall of the Elven Kingdom. Most of what is told about him is that he was a great warrior. It is said that he had golden blond hair and a golden beard. The actual location of the kingdom and the name of the king has been long lost in time although it is suggested that the lands were where the mainland colonies of the Byzantium Kingdom now are. Some scholars suggest that the armor was actually made for a noble who fancied themselves royalty.

It is also been suggested that the creator of the armor is one of the last surviving alchemists from the Elven Kingdom, possibly a refuge trying to get as far from possible from the blasted kingdom. It is obviously a master work which only a few magic items have equaled. Nobody knows if there are any other creations from this alchemist beyond the ones created for this king.

While it is not clear exactly what happened to the king, he eventually died and his kingdom fell. Very little of the kingdom is left. There is a golden suit of splint armor that was made from the king and it is also suggested that a spear of a similar design to the armor was also created. The armor has reappeared periodically but it has been several hundred years since the last reported sighting of the spear.

The armor is a set of splint armor, strips of metal going up and down the body held together with a leather backing. The actual armor appears to be made from silver with golden engraving along the armor strips. Each of the shoulders is in the design of a golden lion's head. The chest also is in the design of a lion. In addition, there is a helmet with a lion's head on the front also of gold. The armor is quite well made, appearing to be of the finest quality, and is extremely flexible. Even though the armor is ancient, it shows no signs of wear or damage

There have been several alchemists who have made similar armor suits to this armor, many though with different enchantments. None of the enchantments have been lost in the Western Empire although there are few alchemists in other lands who know the magic to create the armor. The most powerful of the enchantment is that the armor will regenerate any damage to it unless it is completely destroyed. It also is extremely tough and hard to destroy. It is much tougher than one would expect from a normal suit of armor. It is also harder to penetrate than a normal set of scale armor. Finally, the armor is virtually weightless.

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