Tangle Comb (Miscellaneous Magic Items):

This magic item is available in brush form and well as a comb. It is fairly common. Many are highly decorated, being mostly used by Nobles and other wealthy individuals. The most decorated versions are made from precious metals such as silver or gold and may be incrusted with gems. Some are even carved from a single piece of precious stone or material such as jade or ivory.

Some might consider this magic item to be cursed but is really more of a nuisance / practical joke than anything else. It might be given as a gift and told that the item is enchanted to remove all tangle. Instead, when a person uses the comb to comb their hair, instead of untangling their hair, it becomes more an more tangled until it is a matted mess. It can take hours to untangle or even the person may be forces to have their hair cut off in the worst conditions.

Cost: 2000 Gold (Highly decorated versions can cost several times more)

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