Razor Bow (Enchanted Composite Bow):

While most archers prefer to carry a sword or other secondary weapon in addition to their bow, there has always been those who wanted to see if they might combine the two weapons. Of course, using a bow as a melee weapon is generally a last resort. One does not want to break your bow in close combat.

Of course with enchanted weapons, one can make a bow which is either indestructible or next to it. An interesting enchanted bow following along these lines is known as the “Razor Bow.” In basic design, the bow is a short composite weapon similar to the types of bows which elves normally like to use.

The interesting feature however is that the lower bow stave has a blade attached to it, almost a glaive like weapon. It is for good reason that it is the lower stave, this way the archer does not have to hold up the weight of the blade itself. In close combat, the archer simply flips the bow upside down and uses the blade like a short pole arm or long axe. The upper bow stave is wrapped for hand grips for make it easier to wield as well.

As one might expect, while the weapon is of excellent quality, it is not balanced as well as a normal pole arm. The blade is incredibly sharp however, equal to some of the best of Dwarven blades. Of course, the blade is meant mostly as a last line of defense. These weapons come in a wide variety of styles although most are relatively plain.

These “Razor Bows” have a number of enchantments. As one might expect, the most important is that the weapon is enchanted to be indestructible. This includes that the bow string itself is indestructible. A second enchantment is that the bow itself will adjust to the strength of the archer allowing an archer able to take better advantage of the bow itself. Finally, the weapon is enchanted so that they inflict greater damage than one might expect even factoring in the sharpness and strength of the wielder.

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