Winter’s Reach (Rune Shield):

Legends were of a rune item, a shield was lost in the mountains of the Old Kingdom several centuries ago. A group of adventurers had decided to see if they could find it. In their travels, two of the adventurers had fallen and there had been numerous battles.

They had climbed way un into the mountain, lead by the visions of the psychic sensitive of the group. She had visions of the shield which they had followed a meandering course to find. As they had climbed higher, the air had gotten steadily thinner. They were in lands where winter never completely let go of its grip.

A rock slide almost took out yet another member of the party and it was only luck that nobody was killed. The group came around a large outcropping and in front of them was a glacier, a giant wall of ice. The sensitive pointed at the glacier “It is in there.”

The group began to pull out pick axes. Nobody was relishing the work.

Unlike most rune weapons, Winter’s Shield is snow white in color. It is a heater style design with a slight peak on the top of the shield. It is slightly convex in design. Running along the rim of the shield are rune and in the center of the shield is the design of a mountain which seems to be an ice coated peak with glaciers flowing down from the peak. It is an incredible work of art.

If one touches the face of the shield, it is shockingly cold. Often, the outside of shield will be covered in a thin layer of frost. Interestingly, this is only the case with the face. The inner surface, while cool to the touch, never is shockingly cold.

As one might expect from a magic item with the name “Winter Reach” and the fact the shield is often covered by frost, the magical abilities of the shield are related to cold. The lesser ability of the shield is that the wielder of the shield is cold resistant. Normal cold does no harm and one carrying the shield can withstand incredibly cold temperature. Magical cold has some effect but even it is reduced.

The greater ability of the shield is in spell casting abilities, having a number of elemental water spell casting abilities, all related to cold or ice. A relatively simple one is the ability to freeze large amounts of water. Both a minor hail storm and a snow storm can be created by the wielder of the shield. Sheets of ice and walls of ice can also be produced. Finally, objects can be encased in ice.

The shield is an outstanding weapon. It inflicts more damage than most rune shields although there are plenty of greater rune weapons which inflict more damage. It is extremely well balanced as if made by a master Dwarven weapons crafter. Of course, it is completely indestructible.

Speculation about the shield is that it is ancient, likely produced long before the coming of the Great Elven Kingdom. It si known to have been lost a number of times in antiquity including once for as long as a thousand years. Last time it was discovered, it was found frozen in a giant block of ice which took weeks to chip it from deep inside.

Scholars also discuss the personality of the shield. The personally seems to be feminine, some have suggested that the personality of an ancient elemental master, also known as a warlock, who specialized in magic tied into cold and ice. Interestingly, the shield has a kind of vanity. The personality seems friendly enough generally to its possessor otherwise.

Still, there is something best described as amoral about the spirit inside of the shield. Not evil, the shield does not like those who are truly evil. Not really good either and dislikes those who would be considered truly good. Instead, the shield seems to have a certain disdain for both the rules generally and a strong care only for itself. While it will likely bond with one with an unprincipled but generally good personality, it will often bicker with them.

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