Song of Magic (Enchanted Flute):

Sapphire had picked up the enchanted flute for almost nothing. The story she had heard was that the flute had been stolen but the thief had gotten nervous and had decided to hide in a relatively small town. No alchemist or other practitioners of the magical arts resided in the area.

In the end, the thief had sold it to the town store for a fraction of what it was likely worth. There it had sat for some time until her party traveled into the town. For some reason, she had been drawn to the flute and had cast detect magic on the instrument and sure enough it was quite magical. She decided that she had to have the instrument.

She had some ability to play but could not be considered a true flutist. The proprietor of the store was reluctant to tell her but told her that the instrument played extremely flat. Even though she had never even put the instrument to her lips, she wanted the flute so she bought it even after he warned her.

On her way out of the town, she finally had a chance to put the incredible crystal instrument to her lips expecting the flat notes which she had been warned about. Instead, the flute seemed to sing like she had never had before. It was like she could not play a note wrong.

Even more amazing, she could feel magical power gathering around her. She could almost feel the powerful magical energy swirling around her which seem to refresh her. She knew that she was fairly close to a ley line nexus but the magical energy was stronger than she ever felt while only this close to a nexus.

Stories about this instrument come from truly ancient times. There is some speculation that the flute may have been made long before the time of the Elves even though it is believed to have been in the hands of some of the most powerful lords of the elves until just before the Elven Kingdom collapsed. There is some speculation that the flute may be made by the god Thoth while others speculate that is was made by the Dragon God Kym-nark-mar from his own blood.

After the collapse of the Elven Kingdom, the flute has floated around quite a bit with the instrument through to have been lost several times. Several thieves have stolen the instrument over the centuries as well although it is hit or miss if they are able to sell the instrument if they don't know about the instrument's true abilities. Because of the specialized nature of the enchantment, only a comparatively small number of scholars know that much about the flute.

The Song of Magic is a flute which appears to be made from a single block of blue white crystal. Intricate designs line the wind instrument with the appearance of representing the wind in an abstract pattern. It seems to fit extremely comfortably in the hands of someone attempting to play the instrument. Even though the instrument is believed to be many, many, millenniums old, the instrument shows no signs of wear and looks as if it is was brand new.

The Song of Magic is a bit unusual as a musical instrument. If a non practitioner of magic attempts to play the flute, the instrument will play in extremely flat tones. Even if the player is an accomplished flute player, they will never be able to get a good tune out of the instrument. This has caused the instrument to be considered almost worthless, even though incredibly beautiful, when the owner does not know what the flute can really do.

In the hands of a practitioner of magic, be it wizard, elemental master, mystic, or even priest, the musical instrument will sound beautiful. Even those with no skill at playing musical instruments will find they can play it to some extent. Those who have actual skill with a flute will find that they can play better than they ever have before.

Of course, this is not the extent of the flute's true power. The true power is to focus magical energies. When playing, the player will find that his or her magical energies regenerating faster than they normally would. Yes, it can be played while meditating. Even more powerful is the fact that the magical energy pulled from ley lines and nexus points will be boosted, possibly allowing the player of the flute to cast spells which might otherwise be able to be cast. This also works during periods of great power such as sundown and celestial events.

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