Serpent Bow (Magical Short Bow):

Like the Blackwood Bow, the Serpent Bow is know as an assassins weapons. The styling of the bow is quite distinctive. It has been carried by a number of different individuals over the years, mostly assassins. It is not an ancient weapon but is several hundred years old. As with many magic items, the alchemist who originally created the bow is unknown although the bow is first known in the Western Empire. It is suggested that the original owner was an elven assassin.

The composite bow appears to have serpents twined around the two lengths of the bow from the hand grip. The tip of each horn is that of a snake head. The hand grip is a smaller snake design with the arrow rest in the design of a pair of serpent heads. The arrow rides along the mouth of the serpents, All of the snakes are very detailed with the snakes having scales carved into the design. Each snake head has tiny teeth as well. The bow is made from wood with the teeth made from ivory and the eyes appear to be sapphire. While the composite bow itself appears to be indestructible, the string is not. It will wear out and needs to be replaced periodically.

As with most enchanted bows, the composite bow is extremely well balanced and accurate. It feels like a very fine elven quality bow. As previously mentioned, the short bow appears to be completely indestructible. The shot bow will also adjust to the strength of the archer. A stronger archer will find his or her arrows penetrating deeper into an opponent. Finally, the arrow infects greater damage than explained by just the archer's strength. The arrow is surrounded by a form of dark magical energies when fired.

The most important enchantment is that arrows fired from the bow can be enchanted so that they are coated with poison. It appears to come from the mouths of the smaller snakes and coats the tip of the arrow. The poison is known as "Basilisk's Eye." While it does not inflict as much damage as some poisons, such as "Basilisk's Eye," it often causes paralysis. Paralyzed, the victim of the poison can either be killed by additional arrows or the assassin can approach the victim at that point and finish them off.

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