Boots of the Ranger (Enchanted Boots):

Enchanted magical boots extremely useful to adventures especially those traveling in the Northern areas. These boots have an enchantment similar to that of Boots of Mystery in that the boots leave no tracks. The wearer can potential be tracked by smell or other means but tracking skill rolls are at -20%. As well, the wearer of the boots has a +5% bonus to prowling.

The additional ability of these boots is that they do not sink into the snow and act almost like a set of magical snow shoes. This allows the wearer to walk over snow at full normal speed. As well, the boots are enchanted so that they do not slip on snow or ice. They will work in sandy conditions in a similar manner. They do not give any ability to walk on water however.

Finally, they are enchanted so that the wearer’s feet will be comfortable even in extremely cold conditions (and hot conditions.) The boots keep the feet at a constant 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius). Even if immersed in water, the feet will be kept at the same moderate temperature. When the person steps from water, all water will be repelled out of the boots.

The boots usually do not clean themselves but can be designed to repel dirt and to magically stay clean.

Cost: 50,000 Gold (Sometimes more) with an additional 500 gold for the self cleaning feature.

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