Forest Circlet (Enchanted Crown):

As with many enchanted objects, the origins of this item is shrouded in mystery. Many scholars, although not all, consider the circlet to have been made during the height of the Great Elven Kingdom. Nobody has been able to find any ancient stories from the Elven Kingdom of a magic item like it however. Of course if it is recent, nobody really knows who might have created it.

First stories of the circlet are recent, only decades at most. These stories tell that it was discovered in one of the lost Elven ruins deep inside of the western half of Disputed Lands of the Eastern Territory by a group of skilled adventurers. Several later groups of adventurers are said to have set out to see if they might find similar items with many never being heard from again. The western side of the Disputed Lands can be some of the most dangerous lands of the Eastern Territory.

The circlet itself appears to be made out of a single piece of green jade. Along the circlet are the intricately carved designs of leaves. Slender, it is a simple yet extremely elegant item of jewelry which fits equally on the head of a female or a male. There are believed to have been a few reproductions of the circlet although none have the powerful enchantments which are part of the original. Even though many believe it is thousands of years old, the item shows no signs of wear. The circlet has the ability to transforms itself with it growing and shrinking to fit the size of the head of the wearer.

The circlet has a number of interesting spell like abilities as well as boosting the attributes of the wearer. Wearing the circlet boosts both the physical beauty and physical endurance of the wearer. Some think the original wearer might have been a ranger who was also of noble status.

Each of the other enchantments can be activated up to three times per day and appear to be the equal of a mid level spell caster in power level. Even though a comparatively simple enchantment, the wearer can activate the enchantment of chameleon. As long as the wearer does not move or moves extremely slowly, they are extremely hard to spot. A second enchantment is that the wearer can control animals in a similar manner as the spell “Control Beasts.” The third and most powerful enchantment is that the wearer can actually transform for a limited time into an animal form.

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