Veskal “Stormstring” [Lightbringer Rune Bow]:

This bow has two names. One is “Veskal” and that name is believed to be the original name given to the Lightbringer bow many ages ago. The other name is “Stormstring” which many owners throughout the bow’s recent history have preferred. As one might expect from that name, the enchantments of the bow are related to the elemental forces of air.

There are not believed to be many Lightbringer bows in existence although there are stories of a handful. Some scholars suggest that some of these weapons might actually be normal enchanted bows but it is hard to know for certain. This bow is thought to be old, dating from back before the Dwarf and Elf Wars. Several references describe a weapon very much like this bow. It does appear that it was lost for quite a few years at the end of the Dwarf and Elf war however. Scholars have attempted to tie various gods have been tied to the weapon although there is nothing known for certain.

The history of this bow is long and colorful. Wielders of almost every adventuring possession have carried the bow. This has included the usual rangers but also included simple mercenaries, knights, paladins. It is also suppose to have been carried by a wizard or two, mind mages, and psi-mystic. There is even a story that the bow was once owned by a very interesting thief.

Most Lightbringer weapons do not have strong personalities. Veskal is no exception to this. The wielder will generally only get a feeling from the weapon even once in a while. One might get a bit of tingling or a hint of emotion. Still, the bow will not let those who are not either good or unprincipled wield it. Stormstring otherwise shocks those that it does not want to possess it. The bow does bond with a possessor after around six months of possessing it.

As far as construction, the weapon is a short bow. As with most Lightbringer weapons, it is of incredible quality. Extremely accurate, the bow is the equal to the finest bows made by Elven master craftsmen and women. The base color of the bow is a steel grey although does appear to be made for some kind of wood, not metal. Running along the bow staves are the designs of lightning bolts. When an arrow is fired, the bow used as a melee weapon, or when a spell is used, the bow itself is surrounded by lightning.

When arrows are fired from the bow, they are surrounded by electricity. Unless the arrows themselves are indestructible, they are destroyed when fired. Many archers who have used the enchanted bow acquire a number of indestructible dragon bone arrows. Of course, the Lightbringer bow itself is indestructible. As with many enchanted bow, the bow adjusts to the archer’s strength for greater damage. For spells, the bow has the ability to cast a number of air elemental spells. These include creating a spooky howling wind, drop lightning bolts, calm storms, create a whirlwind, create a rain storm, and finally able to create an electrical field. The bow has limited magical energy and some spells can be cast only two times before depleting most of the mystical energies.

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