Shadowmyst (Rune Book):

This book is said to contain secrets which have been lost for Millenniums. It is one of the most prized tomes with secrets of Alchemy, Magic, and Runes which people have long fought over. Some believe that the book was created by Thoth himself. Wizards, Rune Master, Circle Masters, and Alchemist have attempted to find this book, which has been lost since the end of the war between the Elves and Dwarves. Some scholars believe that the book never existed while others believe that the book was destroyed somehow. Still, adventurers travel out every year looking for the book, chasing rumors. Many never come back. Many believe that much of the devastating magic which destroyed the Elven and Dwarven kingdoms is contained in the tome.

Shadowmyst is said to have a strong personality but not one who really has any powerful moral values. It is said to been possessed by those who are extremely good and extremely evil. Of course those will values in-between those two values have predominated. Of course it is said that some who have come in contact with the book have found that the power contained in the book leads to corruption. Instead, the soul trapped within the book is said to have only interest in magic. It will talk to its possessor on matters of magic for hours without stop. It will often suggest solutions to its possessor which are less than moral, not caring particulary about concepts of right or wrong. Still, once bounded, the book will be loyal to its possessor and appears to consider them its 'friend.'

The tome is said to be covered in what appears to be dark grey leather. The book is reinforced in some sort of dark grey metal which is lined with tiny runes. The binding of the book is hinged. In the center of the front cover of the tome, deep in the leather, is the rune of knowledge. The book has a lock which prevents it from being opened. The possessor must press their hand against the lock for it to unlock and once a person binds to the book, no one can open the book until the person bound to the book dies or several years have passed without the book in their possession. Even if the book then gets bound to a new possessor, any previous possessors can still open the book. It is told that the book was once in the hands of a demon lord who lost it to another who later lost it themselves. The outer edges of the pages appear to be silver with each page is a creamy white and a silver rune of the right corner of each page.

The book is suppose to contain a vast amount of magic including rune magic, most common circles along with some more exotic circles. The book is also said to contain a wide variety of wizard magic including at least some spells of legend. It is said to contain the knowledge to become a Wizard, Diabolist, Summoner, and even an Alchemist. A vast amount of lore is also in the book including magic lore, lore about almost all know supernatural creatures and creatures of magic (All Lore Skills at 98%.) Exact details on what is in the book are a bit sketchy (Game Master interpretation on exactly what is in the book as far as spells and magic.) The book appears to know all of the magic and knowledge which is contained within its pages and can often advise on such matters and can even teach magic. Still, it is extremely limited to what it can do on its own, only able to cast a few spells on its own. While there are stories about other rune books which have special abilities similar to rune weapons, there are no know rune books which have the ability to cast wizard spells. In addition to its own spell casting abilities, the book can share its own magical energies with its possessor once bonded unlike most rune weapons with wizard abilities.

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