Blood Thorn (Magical Spear):

Blood Thorn is a relatively new magical spear. It is actually less than a dozen years old and was specially crafted for a mercenary captain named Charlon. The captain was known to be extremely brutal and was often hired to brutalize tenants for a lord. There were dozens of stories about both him and his men raping woman and wantonly torturing people. There was a huge bounty against him in many places with most preferring him dead over being captured. Many of those bounties were from lords who had originally employed him, most likely in an effort to appear innocent.

Like many officers like him, Charlon was known to terrorize his own men as much as any of their victims. It is said that he feared his own men as much as they feared him and that he also was on guard against one of them assassinating him. That fear was well founded and there were several attempts on his life although none ever succeeded. In the end, it was not one of his own men who killed him but a woman who he had taken for himself. His body was found in the morning with a dagger in the heart and his guts spread everywhere. The woman was never found. His spear also disappeared and has not be seen since.

The Alchemist who created the spear is said to have disappeared after he create the spear. It is said by some that Charlon had the alchemist who created the spear killed after making it. There are only a handful of alchemists who know the secrets to create one of the enchantments in the dagger. There are rumors that the alchemist also made weapons for the Assassin's guild in the Western Empire and the authorities also were interested in him. It is possible that an assassin killed the Alchemist as well as he might have simply decided it would be best to disappear. There have been rumors of an alchemist similar in style in the Land of the South Winds.

Blood Thorn is a black spear with a ebony wood haft and a head made from some kind of black metal. From the bottom of the haft to the metal head run the design of vines with extremely dangerous looking thorns on the vines. The design wraps around the spear. On either side of the head is the design of a skull with thorned vines growing through either side of the skull. The head of the spear is barbed downwards so that it penetrates easily but will rip flesh when pulled out of a body. The weapon shows no sign of wear and seems to be completely immune to anything which can be thrown against it. The spear is extremely well balanced and appears to have been made by an extremely skilled Dwarven weapons crafter.

Two of the enchantments on the spear are common among magic items. Those are that the spear is unbreakable. The other is that the weapon appears to inflict more damage and penetrate deeper than would be expected simply by the wielders strength. The final enchantment is that the spear created horrible wounds which will not heal by normal means. The only means of healing is through magic or psychic healing. If it is not healed, the wounds will get worse. If not healed within three days, the rot will race through the body and the person will be infected by an extremely debilitating fever.

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