Dragonfire Leather Armor (Enchanted Leather Armor):

In most cases, the most spectacular enchantment on the armor is only put on metal types armors. Only a relatively small number of alchemist are know to make these armors. While there might have been a few suits made before then, most suits are less than a couple of hundred years old. Almost all of these suits are made within the Western Empire although a few alchemists making these armors have traveled to other lands. Still, more suits themselves than alchemists have traveled outside of the Empire.

Unlike some other suits of leather armor, these tend to attract a more flamboyant owner. Some warriors, especially some knights and paladins who prefer leather armor over metal armors such as plate. As well, these armors are treasured by many an Elemental Masters of Fire (Fire Warlock.) Some Mind Mages and practitioners of the arts of Wizardry also seem to love these sorts of armor. Finally, a few priests, especially those who their religion is closely tied in with fire, treasure this armor.

Most of these suits of leather armor are spectacular in appearance and most are works of art. These armors come in a variety of styles depending on the original creator. Some are soft leather, others are hard leather, and finally some are suits of studded leather. No matter the style, these armors are some of the finest armors in the Palladium World. What makes these armors extremely beautiful is that most are stained in reds, yellows, and oranges in the style of flames. Half of these armors have the design of either a Fire Dragon or a Great Horned Dragon on the chest of the armor. In some cases, it is the full body of the dragon while in other cases it is just the head of the dragon.

As far as protection, the armor protects similarly to scale armor and plate and chain. It is far stronger however and requires much more to destroy it than any conventional armor, leather or metal. These suit of leather armor are actually tougher than the best reinforced set of non enchanted plate armor made by the Dwarves. These armors slowly regenerate damage although when completely destroyed, they stop regeneration. In addition, these armors also do not regenerate damage as rapidly as some of the enchanted metal armors produced in the Western Empire do.

Most of these suits are enchanted to be effectively weightless. Sometimes it is joked that they are “light as a feather.” Wearing this armor, the movement of the wearer is almost unrestricted. They can run at full speed as well not having problems with overexertion. Due to the lightweight and flexible nature of the armor, the restriction on the ability of a wearer of the suit to prowl is also minimized although hard to prowl with as bright as many of these suits of leather armor.

Most powerful and spectacular of the enchantments is the ability for the armor to burst into flames. These flames will potentially ignite flammable materials around however the armor itself and the wearer is immune to the flames. The flames give additional protection to the armor itself. Of course, if one has a hard time prowling while in brightly colored armor, it is effectively impossible when you look like a walking torch. This enchantment can be activated up to three time in each day and is limited to a duration of twelve minutes each time it is activated.

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