Armor of the Serpent (Magical Scale Armor):

This armor is ancient, believed to have been created soon after the founding of the Western Empire. It is believed to have been made for the master of one of the Assassin's Guilds. Several guilds claim to have existed since the founding of the empire although their claims are quite dubious. As well, with the turnover in assassin's guilds, it is next to impossible to verify.

One of the stories tells that the guild master began distrusting his lieutenant soon afterwards and had him killed. This was soon followed by the lieutenant who replaced him. Over a dozen in total are said to have found their death at his hands. The master of the guild's paranoia was not wholly misplaced because his final lieutenant did kill him although it might be viewed as simple self defense at that stage.

The stories then go on to suggest that the lieutenant, after becoming guild master, followed right in the footsteps of the original guild master, killing every potential rival. This appears to be the story of the armor since it was made. What is surprising that assassins still desire the armor even though its history is soaked in blood. Assassin's guilds are some of the bloodiest groups with assassins often murdering each other so perhaps this is more understandable than one might think at first.

Some scholars have suggested that the item is cursed, perhaps by the alchemist who created it. There is also the suggestion that the alchemist was forced to make the item or knew that he would be killed after making it. As well, there is the suggestion that the armor was made by one of the last surviving alchemists from the time of the Great Elven Empire. All of these suggestions are whispered because scholars have often found themselves under the blade of an assassin after suggesting that the armor is cursed.

The armor is a blue grey suit of fine quality scale mail. The scales themselves are tiny, the size of scales of a large snake. It seems to be enchanted so that it will form to any figure who wears the armor. On the chest is the device of a pair of cobras with their hoods extended. There is also a helmet in the shape of a cobra.

The armor is enchanted so that it when it is damaged, it always restores itself. It has never been completely wrecked but it is believed that it destroyed, the armor will be unable to continue repairing itself. Still, the armor is extremely tough, equal to the best armors which a Dwarven armor smith could forge so it is extremely hard to destro.

The armor also is completely weightless and the person wearing the armor moves as if they are wearing nothing. It is also completely silent and does not reduce the wearer’s prowl abilities in the least, one of the favorite features of a suit of armor for assassins. Finally, the armor has the ability to make the wearer invisible up to three times in a twenty-four hour period, another feature incredibly useful for an assassin.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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