Bow of Bone (Magical Short Bow):

This bow has a fell reputation with most of the possessors being quite evil. Some believe that the bow was made by an alchemist who learned the art of necromancy instead of wizardry. It is believed to have been made several hundred years ago. Stories tell that the bow was originally made for an assassin. It then found its way into the hand of a dark knight. It is unknown if the dark knight killed the assassin. It is known that the dark knight was killed by its next owner who was a demon thrall. The murdering of the previous owner to gan the bow is believed to have occurred several times. In addition to dark knights, assassins, and demon thralls, other possessors have included other necromancers, dark rangers, and mercenaries. One might say that there is no honor among those of evil.

As the name implies, the bow appears to be made from bone. The bones appears to be bleached yellow white as if extremely ancient. Many think the bones are human in origin although others think it is made from dragon or demon bone. The handle of the bow is wrapped in some sort of leather which most also believe is also human skin. The bow itself is not actually indestructible and shows scratches and gouges from various close encounters. A few possessors have had to use it to defend themselves at close range. Otherwise, the bow does not see to age and degrade. Still, the bow string has been replaced countless times.

As with many enchanted bows, the bow adjusts to the strength of the archer. Strong archers can make the most out of the bow. Even so, arrows often penetrate deeper than one might expect from just the shooter’s strength. The arrow itself seems to be surrounded by a kind of dark energy. The bow is of extremely fine quality even with the appearance and shooters will often find themselves shooting better than they had previously. It is as fine as finest Elven made composite bows. Arrows fired against targets of good alignment are especially deadly.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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