Shield of the Sphinx (Lightbringer Rune Shield):

There are various legends about this mystical shield. Many say that the shield was originally created by the god Thoth for servants of Horus. The first known stories with this shield are those of a paladin who served Horus. The paladin was said to be one of the most incredible warriors ever to serve the Church of Light and Dark and won hundreds if not thousands of battles. Eventually, the paladin's time was over and the weapon passed into new hands. The weapon has been carried by knights, paladins, and priests of light. Virtually all have been members of the Church of Light and Dark and many have been in the service of Horus. The remainder have mostly been servants of Ra or Isis. As with many ancient items, it has been lost several times in its history and stolen several times as well. A thieves guild in one of the major cities in the Western Empire attempted to ransom the shield back to the church with the results being a virtually holy war against the thieves guild. Almost eighty percent of the thieves were killed and the guild in the city collapsed.

Unlike many normal rune weapons, lightbringer weapons often do not have strong personalities. The Shield of the Sphinx is no exception to this. It does not appear to communicate with its wielder although it does allow its possessor to use its abilities. Still, the shield will only bond to those of good and unprincipled alignments. It will reject those of evil and anarchist alignments and they will be unable to carry it. After six months, the shield will bond with its possessor.

Polished gold in color, the shield is incredibly beautiful even if fairly plain. The shield is oval in shape with the center of the shield have a stylized pattern of a sphinx in a raised design. Along the rim of the shield is a raised rope work type design. The shield is extremely well balanced as if it was made by an incredibly skilled Dwarven weaponsmith. Even though the shield is thousands of years old, time seems to have passed without any effect on the shield. Unlike the shield itself, the lining on the inside of the shield has worn out many times. Normally the shield is lined with a fur or a sheepskin lining to pad the wielder's arm.

Even though a shield, the item can make a passable weapon in emergency and is literally unbreakable. In combat, it has parried uncountable numbers of blows including those of trolls and other massive creatures. It can be used to parry virtually any attack as long as the blow does not crush the possessor. Obviously, the shield is of limited use against a dragon trying to crush the wielder of the shield under his foot. The special ability of the shield is psychic with all physical psychic abilities and the super psychic abilities of super bio-regeneration and telekinetic force field. This force field has protected the wielder against a dragon attempting to crush the possessor f the shield under its foot.

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