Mantle of the Specter (Enchanted Cloak):

Only a handful of these enchanted robes have even been created and the maker is unknown. Some suggest that the mantles were created by a god with various priests claiming that their deity created the enchanted robe. Few even among the gods appear to have the skills to create such an item. The god of knowledge, Thoth, is the most likely candidate. Kym-nark-mar might have the skills but it is doubtful that he would create such an item. An evil deity is far more likely. There is some talk that a demon lord might have created the items as well. Some scholars suggest an extremely skilled alchemist might have create it as well including possibly an ancient Lizard Mage or Dragon.

There are believed to be a about a half dozen of these robes remaining with a total of thirteen having been originally created. Not indestructible, it is believed that seven have been destroyed over the ages. They are believed to at least be several hundred years old but there are no good records on their appearance. These robes are extremely popular with dark wizards, dark priests, witches, and necromancers. While they are not truly evil, their abilities seem to attract those who are evil. Those who wish to acquire these items are known to go to almost any length to get one, spend a fortune, murder, or steal one.

In appearance, these mantles appear to be plain black robes which are worn to cover the whole body and have long sleeves. Most wearers wear gloves to conceal their hands as well. Even though appearing to be made from thick wool, the mantles are extremely comfortable. The robes have a hood which covers the entire face. Magically created darkness hides the face of the wearer completely with only a glowing set of red lights, vaguely eye shaped, where the eyes should be. It can be quite disconcerting to look at the glowing eyes. Still, the wearer can see perfectly.

In addition to the magic concealing the face, these robes have a number of additional powers. The robes act as armor which slowly regenerate itself. The robes give protection equal to that of chain mail although it is far harder to destroy one of these suits than a suit of chain mail. If destroyed, these robes will not regenerate. The mantle will also protect the wearer from heat and cold, rain and sun. As well, the robes appear to cause the wearer to blend in shadows similar to a normal cloak of the shadows. These are more are less standard enchantments. The most interesting enchantment is that the wearer may become intangible for up to thirty minutes up to twice per day.

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