Enchanted Grappling Hook Arrow / Bolt [Lesser]
(Miscellaneous Magic Items):

This magic item is similar to the greater version and is available as both arrows and crossbow bolts. but is not reusable. In many ways, their enchantments are most similar to “Marbles of Transformation.” As one might expect, it is far cheaper. Many of the same alchemists who make the greater versions of these projectiles also make the lesser version. It is popular among many of the same groups, thieves and rangers especially. For siege warfare, they are considered more disposable and are more frequently used than the greater version.

Before being fired, the projectile looks like a normal arrow or crossbow bolt. There is a light but very strong cord that appears to come from inside the arrow / bolt. As the projectile flies, the cord quickly pays out. The cord has a maximum length of 200 feet (60.1 meters.) When the projectile strikes a solid object or reaches its maximum range, the arrow transforms with a grappling hook springing outwards. At the tip of the grappling hook, a set of spikes pop out to try to directly embed. It will embed into wood, soft stone.. Whiel it cannot embed into hard stone or most metals, can also embed into cracks between stones (Called shot with -4 to strike) with harder rock.

The projectiles and line is extremely strong but is nowhere near as strong as the greater versions, bale to support up to 400 lbs (181 kg) each. The line can be cut as normal cord can be. Like the greater version, the projectiles can be used on living targets and can be used to drag them back to the shooter or pulled off a wall of a fortress.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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