Black Scorpion Claws (Magical Bracer):

This weapon is mostly carried by assassins although is popular among witches, black priests, black wizards, and others who prefer to use subterfuge. The weapon is most common in the Western Empire although a number have found their weapon into other lands. Outside of the Western Empire, it is most common in the Land of the South Winds. Most alchemists who make the weapon are extremely quiet about their craft. In some places, a person can be arrested for just possessing one.  

The weapon appears to be a thick bracer with a pair of claws which extend from the bracer. It is not a true transformable weapon with the claws being enclosed within the bracer. As a result, the weapon is easier to make than most true transformable weapons. When a command is given, both claws extend from the bracer. In design, the bracers and claws are usually quite simple. Most, as the design implies, are matt black. Some arr decorated with, as one might expect the design of a scorpion. Some also have the design of various assassin’s guilds which commissioned the claw.

Most weapons are extremely well crafted, usually crafted by Kobolds. Most avoid having the claws made by Dwarves even though they make even finer weapons. Most of the best Dwarven weapon crafters avoid working with assassins and similar if they can.

One reason why the weapon is fairly expensive is because in effect it has to be enchanted twice, one for each claw in the vambrace. The weapon is enchanted so that it is indestructible. As well, the claws are enchanted to be extremely sharp, much sharper than a razor. Often the claws will bite even deeper than the wielder expects. Finally, the claws are enchanted so that they are poisoned. Contrary to the name of the weapon, the weapon is enchanted with the venom blade poison of “Basilisk Eye.” This is because the poison often paralyzes its victim.

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