Spear of the War Dragon (Greater Holy Weapon):

Most scholars do agree that this weapon was made by the Dragon Goddess "Zandragal," there is some disagreement about the exact nature of the weapon. Some think that the red spear is made from blood of the Dragon deity while others consider the weapon to have been forged from steel. Whatever the case, the spear is extremely powerful and is considered extremely valuable by priests and warriors serving the Dragon deity of war. The actual age of the spear is unclear but there are stories which indicated that it is at least several thousand years old. Over the history of the weapon, the spear has been carried by a variety of different wielders including a famous knight of the Western Empire who was never defeated in battle. The Emperor had no heirs and made the knight his heir. When the Emperor died, the knight ascended to the throne himself and became one of the greatest Emperors of the Western Empire.

The spear head, as described earlier, appears to be forged of a bright red metal, the color of a fire dragon's scales. On each side the head of the spear is carved an intricate silhouette of a dragon, said to be the dragon goddess "Zandragal" who is suppose to have made the spear. The dragon is outlined in gold. The spear tip is extremely sharp one both edges and comes to a almost needle like tip. The shaft appears to be made from some kind of reddish stained wood, extremely polished. The whole weapon is perfectly balanced, equal to the best spears made by Dwarven weapon crafters. Even though ancient, the spear shows no signs of wear and is considered indestructible by most scholars.

The spear is considered to be a greater holy weapon although does not have any enchantments which are not common to holy weapons. Even though extremely sharp, the that the spear inflicts more damage than one might expect from a spear, even as sharp as it is. When used against creatures greater than mortal kind, supernatural and magical, the spear appears to inflict even greater damage. This includes dragons and has been used against dragons in the past. The wielder of the spear also find that they are more resistant to magic and are less likely to be afraid of supernatural creatures. Finally, when the spear is in the presence of supernatural evil, the spear head will glow black.

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