Black Mirror (Enchanted Elven Warsabre / Katana):

Some of the most beautiful weapons on the Palladium World are the blades known as Elven Warsabres. Most are believed to date from the time of the Great Elven Kingdom, before the Elves and Dwarves devastated themselves fighting each other.

It has been suggested that this blade was made as a dark mirror of the normal Elven Warsabre, hence the name “Black Mirror.” The weapon has a fell reputation, said to have been carried by several assassins and dark warriors. One of the most famous wielders however is said to be an elven priestess of the dark said to be as evil as she was beautiful.

In style, this Eleven Warsabre is quite different than the standard blade. It is still of a Katana style with the spine of the blade sharpened for one fifth of its length. Otherwise thought, the sword has a sawtooth style blade which shreds as much as it cuts. This is not to say that the blade is not razor sharp however.

Most scholars think the blade was made in the Western Empire and it is believed to only be a few hundred years old. Only a few alchemists even within the Western Empire are thought to be able to created the most powerful enchantment on the blade. It is rare enough that the sword could actually rival a lesser rune weapon in cost and there are no known copies of this weapon even though it is theoretically possible to create one.

Normal Elven Warsabres also usually have a silvery blade but this one is a polished black although sometimes it seems to absorb the light around it. Elven Warsabres tend to have both engraved and inlaid blades while this one is plain. As well, the handle of the blade is metal, engraved steel instead of wood or ivory. There is something almost disturbing about this weapon when compared to most Elven Warsabres although it still has its own dark beauty.

It is believed that this sword was not made by either an Elven smith or by even a Dwarven weapon crafter. Instead, it is believed that the weapon was forged by a master Kobold weapon smith. Even so, it is a master quality weapon, finely balanced and incredibly sharp. Only Dwarven crafted weapon tend to be superior to those made by Kobolds.

As with many other enchanted weapons, the weapon itself is indestructible. Even though at least centuries old, it shows no signs of wear and tear. It is also enchanted to be incredibly sharp. The weapon often will cut deeper than a blade might be expected from the wielder’s strength and the natural sharpness of the blade. Often it will cut right to the bone. This enchantment is mostly limited to the alchemists of the Western Empire.

The final enchantment however is the one which is extremely rare and few alchemists even in the Western Empire know how to create it. When a blow is struck, the damage which the blade inflicts on the enemy is transferred temporarily to the wielder, strengthening them by whatever damage they do to whom they are fighting. If the wielder of the blade is struck in turn, the damage that he or she takes first comes off of this stolen health / damage. Depending on how tough the wielder naturally is depends on how long the transferal will last but can last as long as twenty to twenty-five minutes.

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