Sword of the Sylph (Rune Short Sword):

Most of the better described Rune weapons are aligned towards good or evil wielder but there are many which are aligned to selfish alignments as well. The Sword of the Sylph is one of these. The weapon is believed to date from around the wars between the Dwarves and Elves although some believe the sword dates from even before that. The first know wielder was an Elven thief and wizard although some believe that the wielder was in reality a changeling. The history of this sword is spotty in many places with the sword disappearing from history for hundreds of years in several cases. It is know that the sword has passed through many hands. It has been carried by heroes and rogues, wizards and warriors, and by those in-between. Wielders are usually those who are not those who are incredibly moral or those are the opposite. It has most commonly been wielded by thieves and wizards through time while the most common races have been Elves and Humans. It is believed that several of the wielders were in reality changelings. No Dwarves have been wielders of the sword, they seem to be just too stuck up in most cases for the sword. The reality is that the weapon will probably not bond with anyone who does not have an association with the element of air.

The personality of the rune sword is very playful with a large sense of humor and can be described as similar to those described for a Sylph and similar to those of many faerie. As might be expected, the sword’s personality is female and can be quite flirtatious. The weapon is slightly malicious but has very little actual evil in it. It does not have very much good either and is very disrespectful of rules and laws. The personality is flighty and rarely concentrates on any subject too long. This does not stop the weapon from bonding with a wielder and is loyal to its wielder. The sword will only allow those of selfish alignments to wield it including those of Anarchist and Unprincipled alignments.

The Sword of the Sylph is slim short sword constructed of blue grey metal with a metallic sheen to it. The handle of the rune weapon is in the shape of a female figure which are replicated on each side of the sword. The figure has upswept wings acting as a hand guard and the weapon has what appears to be a female head is on either side of the blade. The bottom of the handle is a set of feet. The figure appears to be that of a Sylph or humanoid spirit of the air. The blade is simple and comes to a sharp stabbing point. Along the blade runs runes and several tiny runes are engraved into the handle. Like all rune weapons, the weapon shows no signs of wear. While the weapon does not contain gems of precious metals, it is still quite handsome.

The main powers of the sword are those from the elemental forces of air and wielders have been known to call lightning from the sky and create ball lightning as well as creating strong winds and whirlwinds. Other stories tell of creating mists which cause others to fall asleep. There are even a few stories about the wielder of the sword becoming invisible. While the sword is considered by most to be a greater rune weapon, not a greatest rune weapon, it has a power more common to greatest rune weapons. The wielder's attacks are much faster than they are with any other weapon and can run about twice as they can naturally. The sword is exquisitely crafted and has an incredible balance even without the enchantments. There are stories of the weapon being able to fly and fight on its own but most consider it to be simply a rumor.

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