Elven Long Dagger (Enchanted Dagger / Tanto):

For elves that did not carry the Warsabre, there was a particular style of dagger which was quite popular during the time of the Great Elven Kingdom usually called the Elven Long Dagger. In addition, an elf might carry these in addition to a spear or sabre. As with the sword and spear, quite a number were enchanted. Most of these have been lost since the destruction of the Great Elven Kingdom but are occasionally found by adventurers. These daggers are extremely prized due to their extreme rarity.

Most of the surviving daggers are enchanted because all of those which were not have long rusted away. Elven smiths seem to have lost the ability to make these weapons. Most elves now use more common dagger types. Seen as an eleven design, very few dwarves are willing to forge these daggers. It would be more likely to get a kobold smith to forge one of these daggers but few elves think to approach them.

These daggers had similarities in design with the Elven Warsabre with the blade being slightly curved. The outer curved side is sharped for the whole length while the inner curved side is sharpened for about one quarter of the length. Blade length is relatively long, around ten to twelve inches. Total length is sixteen to eighteen inches. Compared to the Elven Warsabre, they are heavier constructed in order to be able to stab through armor. In many ways they are similar to a long bladed version of the Japanese Tanto.

There is more variety in the design of these daggers. The blades are bright silver with some having etched the design of leaves and vines while others have etched the design of stars. Those with leaves and vines are inlaid in green while those with the designs of stars appear to be inlaid with gold. Handles appear to be made from either oak or ivory. In most cases the handle is covered with designs of leave and vines or stars in gold, matching the design of the blade.

As stated, the art of making these daggers is lost to the elves. They are incredibly well balanced, equal to some of the finest weapons made by dwarves. They are equally effective both when used in hand to hand and when thrown.

It is believed that virtually all surviving ancient elven daggers are enchanted to be indestructible and show absolutely no sign of wear. In addition to that enchantment, these daggers are enchanted to be incredibly sharp with only weapons made by a few alchemists in the Western Empire to be the dagger’s equal with regard to sharpness. In addition, these daggers are enchanted to be able to be thrown and return when thrown.

Weight: 1.2 lbs (0.54 kg). Length: 1.5 feet (0.46 meters).

Damage: 1D8+10.

Bonuses Due to Quality: +4 to damage (included above), +2 to initiative, +2 to strike, +2 to strike when thrown, and +3 to parry.


Cost: Would likely sell between 180,000 to 250,000 gold (Cost to make would be about 120,000 gold.)

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