Seduction (Rune Short Sword):

Know by a variety of other names, including Red Kiss and Sweet Seduction, this rune weapon is well know for its ability to corrupt virtually everybody whoever wielded it. While most of the individuals who have held the sword have been less than pure, the sword has been known to corrupt those who were previously considered pure of heart. Many stories about the origin of the weapon tell that the soul trapped in the rune sword is that of a Succubus. This story is disregarded by many scholars based on the fact that true Succubus do not have psychic abilities. Those scholars suggest the soul trapped in the rune weapon is that of a Demi-Goddess with Succubus like abilities but not a true Succubus. Legends about the origin of the weapon also tell about the being, a Succubus in most stories, was imprisoned in the rune sword by a powerful demon lord. Some say that she tried to start a coup against the demon lord, some say that she seduced one of the demon lord's companions, while other stories tell that it was out of pure spite and malice. Stories about the short sword only go back about a thousand years and most scholars think she is of comparatively recent origin. The trouble she has caused has been out of proportion to he apparent age. No one knows if she has caused all of the trouble she had by her own volition or if by the command of a demon lord. She has been the bane of Kings, Generals, and Great Heroes yet she is still highly desired. She has the ability to seduce virtually any wielder until they are virtually puppets of her. When she winds up in someone's hand, it is usually only a matter of time until she corrupts them and few have been able to discard her. Sometimes, it is only a matter of weeks until she controls them completely and other times, it can take years. She is very patient and even the most honorable individuals seem unable to resist her charms.

Sex is often considered to be the ultimate corruptor. She has the ability to transmit a mental illusion to the wielder of her being a beautiful woman (PB 24 to 28) and in the illusions, she impacts all sense. She can be seen, heard, touched, or even smelled. She can talk to the wielder, she can walk with the possessor of the sword, she can even hold hand, kiss, or have sex with the wielder. She will begin the process of taking control of the wielder by seducing them figuratively and literally. She will rob the mind of her possessor for the kind of women which is most desirable to the wielder in both physical form and in personality. She is an incredible actress and has incredible skill in lovemaking. If she can seduce the possessor quickly, she will do just that. If she needs to take her time with seducing the wielder, she will follow that path. She can pretend to be completely innocent and most wielder will be fooled by her. She has told some incredible stories including that she was a princess that was captured by an evil Rune Master who trapped her in the rune sword. She will continue her seduction as long as it takes and eventually most wielders will fall in love with her. Of course, those who are already corrupt normally fall much faster under her influences. When she thinks it will help her, she will use the ability of Hypnotic Suggestion to help get her wielder further under her spell. The only real defense against her abilities is to use mind block to keep her out of his mind. The problem with that is that few realize what she is doing until they are under her control and it is too late. She is also unwilling or unable to bond with beings using mind block. She also will not usually share her abilities with someone trying to block them out unless she sees it as a way to get into the wielder's trust. She usually does not attempt to possess any type of powerful psychics such as mind mages and similar psionic trained individuals. Most of the wielders which she has bonded with have been skilled warriors with Elves and Humans being the most common. She considers the barbarian creatures such as Goblins, Orcs, and Ogres to be below her notice. Most of the possessors have also been intelligent, handsome, famous, or politically powerful. There are no known tales of her seducing a female but there is not evidence to indicate she could not if she desired. When she has fallen into the hands of a women, she has gotten the wielder to give her to another before they can bond. She appears to use the psychic ability of telepathy to select a wielder which she desires and uses the same ability to call them to her. Once she has her possessor fully under her control, she will begin giving them suggestions which are less and less moral and slowly bend them into the path of evil. It is not known why but she will also begin changing her appearance to her wielder. She will slowly take on the features of a Succubus but will keep the same basic features. She will show the strange green eyes of a Succubus, she will give her psychic image sharp canines, and will also add small black bat wings protruding from her back. By the time she reveals herself as a Succubus, the man will be completely under her control and unable to resist anything from her. She is quite cruel when she reveals her true personality and with use her wielder to visit cruelty on others. She is also very vain and expects to be treated like a princess. As time goes on, her victims will often burn out and become little more than empty shells. When she tires of her wielder, she will usually discard them, usually gruesomely. She has gotten many of them to commit suicide in as a bloody a manner of possible. She especially enjoys getting them to commit suicide using her as the tool for their death and using the words "That way we can always be together." When they use her to commit suicide, she has the chance to consume their soul as they die. It will all then start with another.

As a short sword, she is as attractive as she is in her illusionary humanoid form. The short sword is made from dark red metal and is a very slender weapon. The handle of "Seduction" is an incredibly detailed figure of a beautiful woman with the hand guard in the design of bat wings which appear to be coming from the figure's back. Of course, she is naked and is extremely well endowed. Her hands and arms are at her sides. Somehow the figure manages to appear both wicked and innocent at the same time. The face of the figure seems to have an expression that she knows something you don't while seeming to be inviting at the same time. There are tiny runes running through the figure but they are practically invisible. The sword shows the front of the figure on each side. The slim short sword is double edged and comes to a sharp point for stabbing. Both edges are sharp as a razor and the weapon shows absolutely no sign of wear. She is also extremely well balanced and appears the equal in craftsmanship of the best Dwarven crafted weapons. Like the handle, the short sword’s blade has runes running along the blade although the runes are larger and more visible. She has been known to use a mental illusion to appear differently, often a highly bejeweled slim short sword but not a rune weapon.

Her favorite psychic ability is that of creating mental illusions. She can project an image to the person carrying her without cost in terms of psychic energy but can also project outwards to others. These illusions do cost in terms of psychic energy but she can do it several times before exhausting her available psychic energies. She also likes using hypnotic suggestions both against her possessor and against others. This ability to cost in terms of psychic energies whether used against the wielder or another but is much less expensive than creating mental illusions. She has a variety of other psychic abilities, including telepathy, but none are as powerful as her two main psychic abilities. She can use any and all of her psychic abilities at her own whim and can share them with her wielder if she desires. Seduction is also a soul drinker and gets great pleasure from consuming souls.

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