Golden Eagle Bow (Magical Short Composite Bow):

Often the most fantastic magic items are believed to have been created within the Western Empire with some the most skilled alchemists in the Palladium world. Otherwise, most are ancient, made during the time of the Great Elven Kingdom. They are some spectacular exceptions including the "Golden Eagle Bow." The enchanted bow is believed to have been created by an alchemist in the city of Wisdom within the Eastern Territories. She is considered to be probably one of the most skilled alchemist other than in the Western Empire.

The first bow itself is believed to be a relatively recently creation, only about fifty years old. The bow itself is believed to have been created for a skilled Elven ranger who preferred the short bow over the long bow. The alchemist however has created several very similar bows. Even so, less than a dozen have been created and the bows are considered extremely valuable and rare. An archer might pay several times the valuable of the bow. The alchemist also charges more than a normal alchemist might.

As will many enchanted bows, the short bow is a work of art. The bow is of composite construction with wood and horn predominate in the construction. The hand grip area is in the design of a golden eagle including being painted intricately in appropriate colors. Above the arrow rest grip is the design of an eagle's head. If one looks at it closely, the eyes of the eagle are crystal. Under the actual grip, it widens out the tail of the eagle. The staves of the bow are sky grey in color. The bow string also is also grey and the bow cannot be unstrung. The actual grip portion of the bow is wrapped in leather for a comfortable grip.

Each though a work of art, the bow itself is extremely practical. It is believed that even before being enchanted, the bow is made by an extremely skilled Elven bow maker. It is extremely accurate and a skilled archer will his or her shots more accurate than they were otherwise. Even so, it is believed that the bow itself was created in a conventional manner.

The short bow is enchanted so that the weapon adjusts to the strength of the archer using the bow. Stronger archers will find their arrows penetrating deeper into their target than an archer who is less strong. The arrows seem to inflict more damage than just the strength of the archer explains further fueled by the enchantments of the bow. As with many enchanted weapon, the bow is indestructible including the string of the bow.

The most interesting enchantment is that the archer can look through a peep hole in back of the bow and out the eyes of the eagle. Inside of the bow is a crystal enchanted with "Eyes of the Eagle." Somehow the crystal compensates for the two eyes and creates a single image. Even thousands of feet away, the archer will be able to see clearly.

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