Passion's Kiss Ointment [Magic Potions, Fumes, and Gasses]:

This ointment is far rarer than Midnight Kiss which simply paralyzes. This ointment can be extremely useful if the user needs to question them, get someone to actively aid their actions, or get other favors. A wearer might ask the victim to give them all of their money for example. Another use it to often get the target in a compromising position to destroy a reputation. This ointment is most common in the Western Empire and in many places outside of the Western Empire is banned.

Worn on the lips, Passion's Kiss is an ointment which has the ability to make anyone who kisses the wearer to fall in love with them. The ointment works with a simple kiss which passes the enchantment across. The magic works identically to the spell of "Love Charm" and has the side effects as well of the spell. Enchantment effects are 30 minutes if the target of the "kiss" fails saving through against non-lethal poison. It can potential become permanent and insane jealousy can also result. While under the effects of the ointment, the person effected will normally do what the wearer of the ointment requests.

It only works on the lips because elsewhere the skin is too thick to allow the poison to reach the blood stream. If the target is wearing something on their lips (such as lip paint) it will usually not work (+6 to save) There are two parts to the ointment. The wearer first puts on a coat which negates the ointment and then the ointment over it. This keeps the drugs from effecting the wearer.

Cost: 10,000 Gold (10 application)

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