Narwen (Rune Warsabre / Katana):

Before the coming of the Elf and Dwarven Wars, many Elves preferred a weapon known as an Elven Warsabre. The weapon is a bit like an Earth Katana but has many differences as well. They are incredibly well balanced and rank among some of the finest weapons ever made. The weapon has gone out of favor with Elven warriors and few Elven weapon smiths know how to create the swords. It is believed that all of the non enchanted weapons have not survived the years and only enchanted Warsabres which did not suffer from corrosion have survived. Even many of the enchanted swords have been lost in the millenniums and have become very rare. They are still greatly prized by Elven warriors. Rune versions of the Elven Warsabre were also created although they are even rarer than enchanted versions of the weapon. A few Lightbringer versions of the Elven Warsabre were also believed to have existed at one time. Two of the best known "Rune" versions of the Warsabre are the swords "Arabelha" and "Narwen." Both were considered to be extremely powerful and are greatly prized. As such, they have both been the targets of multiple quests and many of the adventures never returned from their quests. Arabelha has been lost for over a thousand years although clues about it come up which give hope of finding the powerful enchanted weapon. Unlike Arabelha, Narwen has not been lost for millenniums although it has been lost several times and has been stolen several times by thieves. Legends tell that before the destruction of Elven society during the Elf and Dwarf wars that Narwen was wielded by a single family of Elves. It is believed that Narwen is truly ancient and dates back to the formation of the Elven Kingdom. Legends also tell that the entire family was killed during the wars. It is believed to have been lost during the war but eventually it was found. No one appears to known when and where the sword was found. Several well known Elven heroes have possessed the sword after the fall of the Elven Kingdom. Many of them have been Knights but several have been Wizards and other professions.

The personality of Narwen appears to be that of female Elf. Due to some of the stories told about the weapon, some scholars speculate that she was the daughter of the Rune Master who created the rune weapon. The scholars also believe that the daughter was dying and this was a way to keep her alive. She has told many stories about the family that possessed her for many thousands of years and there seems to be a family like pride about them in what she has told. She does not seem to hate races other than Elves, including Dwarves, but appears to have some prejudiced against them and has only allowed Elves to become her wielder. She also has a hatred for thieves that most suspect is due to her having been stolen several times. She has also never been wielded by a Mind Mage and has been possessed by few major psychics. Otherwise, she has been carried by knights, paladins, rangers, simple soldiers, and even wizards. She has been carried by male and female adventures but treats them differently. She seems to get possessive of male wielders and gets jealous of any female company which her wielder keeps. She will not attack the woman but will get snippy and use telepathy to tell the female what she thinks of her. She has treated her female wielders a lot differently. She acts almost as if she is their sister, a bit of a worrying and overprotective sister, but still a sister. She will commonly advise her wielder on the men (male elves only) which she might spend time in the company with. She will suggest which are worthy of her wielder and which ones are not. From her stories about her "family" before the Elf and Dwarf wars, she was more protective of male wielders than jealous and it is likely she considered them to be more brothers than anything else. Narwen is very subtle with her suggestions on use of her abilities and prefers to not use direct attack abilities when she sees them as not needed. Narwen apepars to be of a good alignment although she has a bit of a disdain for the rules.

Narwen is pretty much normal for an Elven Warsabre and is a long bladed curved saber similar to a Japanese Katana. The spine of Narwen is sharpened for about one fifth of the length of the blade to make a better stabbing weapon. Both the main blade and the sharped spine are incredibly sharp. Four inches forward of the hand guard is an ridge as additional protection for the wielder's hands. Narwen is made from a blue grey metal and both the blade and handle are made from metal. Along the blade are runes and smaller runes wrap around the handle of the sword. The handle slightly curves forward and is designed to be used comfortably with either one hand or two. Narwen is actually a bit plainer than most Elven Warsabres but is still quite a beautiful sword. The balance of the weapon is incredible compared to most modern swords but most Elven Warsabres were very well balanced.

Due to the main abilities of the Rune Warsabre being psychic in nature, many scholars consider that she had been a Mind Mage before she died and became the heart of the Rune Warsabre. She is more powerful than most psychic rune weapons and has all normal physical and sensitive psionic abilities. She also has four psychic abilities consider by most to be “Super” psionics. Those are the ability to heal the wielder of injury, the ability known by most as evil eye, the ability to create mental illusion, and can manipulate fire psychically. Her favorite ability is the ability to create mental illusions and will usually suggest to the wielder the best use of that ability. She also has the ability to use more psychic abilities before running out of energy and renews that energy faster. In addition to these abilities, she has the ability to transmit to her wielder at much longer distances than most rune weapons. Her telepathy is also much more distinct than that of most rune weapons. Other than those abilities, Narwen has the normal abilities of most Rune weapons.

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