Blackfire Leather Armor (Enchanted Leather Armor):

Leather armor is popular among certain adventurers. Compared to metal armors, the armor tends to restrict ones movement quite a bit less. This can be considered quite effective when trying to move quickly or quietly. While one might think of assassins and thieves, far more than them wear leather armor. Wizards and other practitioners of magic find it far less restrictive. As well, rangers often prefer it because they end up using stealth as often as thieves. Even some warriors prefer to be less restricted in their armor.

Only a handful of Alchemists are believed to know how to create these armor and it is believed only a few dozen may have been created. Some believe that the original creator wanted to take the concept behind the Darkflame swords to the next level and put the enchantment on a suit of leather armor. The first suits to be enchanted in this style is believed to be less than a century old. Virtually all of the alchemists who know how to create this enchantment are within the Western Empire although there are rumors of an alchemist elsewhere who knows how to create these armors. Even though extremely expensive, these armors are much in demand and it is extremely difficult to acquire one of these suites.

The armor appears to be a set of black soft leather armor. It is however reinforced in areas with hard leather plates. Theses include a breast plate and back plate. As well, locations such as shoulders, elbows, hips, shins, and knees are also protected by hard leather plates. On the edges of the leather plates are designs of flames. About half of the armors have either the design of a Nightstalker dragon or the head of a Nightstalker in the center of the breast plate. Even though otherwise fairly plain, these armor is still quite attractive.

As far as the armor’s protection, it is more comparable to a suit of plate and chain or scale armor than it is to leather armor. Even so, the armor itself is far tougher than either one. The armor can take abuse that would make a suit of scale armor into scrap while barely showing any sign of damage. The armor slowly regenerates any damage it takes although does not regenerate damage as well as many metallic armors. If one of these suits is completely destroyed however, the suit will no longer regenerate.

These suits are enchanted to be if effect “Light as a feather.” Anybody wearing one of these suits will find their movement far less restricted than in a set of normal leather armor. Wearing this armor, one is far less tired and freer to move than one might expect from somebody wearing armor, even leather armor. The wearer has fewer problems prowling in the armor than normal armor.

The previous enchantments are relatively common for magic leather armors but the final is extremely spectacular. The final enchantment though is that the armor can burst into flames. Instead of normal fire however, the flames are black and emit no light. Makes the wearer far less visible than if the armor burned with bright flames. Otherwise, the flames are normal and if something catches fire from the flames, they will burn normally. This enchantment can be activated up to three times daily and has a duration of twelve minutes when activated.

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