Spear of the Lion Heart (Magical Spear):

Along with a spectacular suit of splint armor, this spear is believed to have been made for a long lost king. Most stories tell that the king was human and the kingdom was said to have been carved far to the north soon after the fall of the Great Elven Kingdom. Many scholars suggest that the Kingdom occupies lands that are now part of the continental holdings of the Byzantium Kingdom. It was most likely a very small kingdom and did not last much past his life but was said to be an island of stability in a tumultuous period.

Most stories describe the king as a great warrior, a huge man with golden blond hair and golden blond beared. Many give him either steel grey or blue eyes. Nobody really knows that and there is much conjecture. There is a minority view that this figure was actually a lesser noble who fancied himself royalty. Some also suggest a later origin for the figure.

The alchemist suggested to have made the spear as well as the armor is said to have been one of the last surviving ones from the Great Elven Kingdom. It has also been suggested that he was a refuge. Whatever the case, he was a master and the skill involved in making the items have only rarely been equaled. There are few magic items attributed to this alchemist, making some wonder if there might not be other items of unknown origin that should be considered to have been made by this long lost alchemist.

However long this kingdom or lands lasted, they eventually fell. There is today little sign of the nation existing. Beyond some contradictory histories, there is only the splint armor and spear from the king himself. While the armor is suppose to have seen in recent memory, although some dispute and say that it is really a copy, there have been no reputable reports of the spear in several hundred years.

Drawings and descriptions of the spear show a golden wood shaft about six feet long which is highly polished. The actual head of the spear is said to be made of a metal that looks like highly polished silver that never dulls. It is quite broad headed. On each side of the head is the design of a Lion head in gold which is incredibly detailed. There is a tassel that hangs of the head in red silk. The weapon, even though ancient, is said to show no sign of wear. The spear is said to be finely balanced and of the finest quality, equal of any weapon made by the best dwarves weaponsmiths.

Enchantments on the are said to include that the weapon is completely indestructible. One would expect the wood to have rotted away long ago and the blade to have corroded completely as well. That says nothing about the silk tassel. The edges of blade is said to be incredible sharp and able to penetrate deeper that one might expect from even the normal sharpness enchantment. This enchantment is only known by a few alchemists in the Western Empire.

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