Poisoned Love (Enchanted Flute):

For a magic item which is not actually cursed or evil, few magic items have as bad a reputation as this one. The flute is considered to be thousands of years old and misery is believed to have followed this flute for much of its history. Most scholars believe the alchemist who original created it did not actually have evil intentions but in this case his or her intentions went astray. The flute is meant to create love, something it does quite well. The problem is that love often turns poisoned.

In some cases, people pierced through the heart by this flute have followed the possessor of the flute for years or even decades, often their love unrequited. As well, the subjects of this flute often have committed suicide. In other cases, those effected by the flute have murdered the owner of the flute or even all of their friends and family. There is a story of a courtesan using the flute to enslave the will of a lord. At first, all seemed wonderful but she found the man absolutely smothering. She tried to escape into other lands. He was determined to get her back and by the time he was done, virtually all the lands were in ruins. Both the courtesan and the lord died sometime during the fighting.

As a result of the danger of power of this flute in the wrong hands, many have sought to hide this magic item. Several musician guild halls have kept it as a treasure to be never used. As well, several churches have tried to protect this item. It is unknown if there has even been an attempt to destroy this item. It might be that in spite of the reputation of the item, it is simply too beautiful for anyone to wish to destroy it. Because of the flute's beauty, it has been stolen several times. Also, even with its reputation, some always seek to use the flute's power for their own gain.

The flute appears to be made from solid white gold and is an incredibly work of art. Even those who most loath this item cannot deny the beauty of the instrument. It is carved with intricate designs and is encrusted by tiny diamonds. Some instruments made by the elves during the age of their great kingdom leading some to believe the flute is much older than the stories about it. There is no signs of wear on the flute and it may be that the item is indestructible.

Like most enchanted musical instruments, the flute plays incredibly sweetly. The pitch and tone of the instrument can only be described as absolutely perfect. Anyone who tries to play the instrument will have an automatic ability to play the flute of 70%. If someone can play a flute, their skill is improved by 20% and their playing is as if they are professionals (wether they are or not.) Most of these are fairly common among enchanted musical instruments are not the magic which creates the huge problems.

The real problem is that the flute allows the player to effective cast "Love Charm" against a single victim through their playing. The person is effected by the enchantment for around thirty minutes normally but far too often there will be side effects as with the spell. As well, unlike when the spell is cast, it is almost impossible for one not versed in magic to be able to tell that magic is being used against them. Because of this, the possessor of the flute often can use the magic many times and gives many additional times for the side effects to strike. The flute's "Love Charm" enchantment can be used up to six times per day.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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