Angelfire (Lightbringer Rune Weapon):

Legends tell that thousands of years ago, Angelfire was given to a great knight by a Seraph after a great quest. The knight was said to have exclaimed "Nothing is more beautiful in the world but the angel which brought the sword to me." There is much debate among scholars about the history of the weapon with half believing that the blade was created by a God and then given to the knight by the angel and the other scholars supporting a different history. Still, compared to the great rune weapons, Angelfire seems relatively new. Still, a thousand years is many human lifetimes and has found its way into the hands of many heroes including Knights, Paladins, and Priests of light. Due to the weapons incredible beauty, it has been a target for thieves in the past and has been stolen several times. Each time, the sword has been recovered by a hero but all owners of the sword have to guard it carefully.

Like most Lightbringer weapons, Angelfire does not appear to have a strong personality. There are no recorded events where the weapon communicates with its owner although the weapon does bond after about six months with its wielder. The sword is aligned to go and individuals who are evil or selfish will be unable to bear the weapon.

Angelfire is a slim long sword which is of the finest craftsmanship and is incredibly beautiful. Like most rune weapons, is indestructible. The weapon glows in flickering red and white. The blade of Angelfire is shiny like that of a mirror but if a person looks into the blade, they will not see their reflection but instead see fire burning inside of the blade. Like most rune weapons, the blade is incredibly sharp and never dulls. The blade is actually hot to the point where it causes blisters to the touch. The sword must be kept in a special scabbard which cannot burn. The guards on the hilt are in the design of unfurled white angel wings which are intricately carved to the point where individual feathers can be seen. The handle is also intricately carved with the handle with a spiral groove to give the weapon a better handhold and is also white. The pommel is a large diamond with what seems like a glow coming from the gem. The scabbard appears to be covered by red silk and has the designs of female angels in armor with wings furled. The designs are white and appear to be carved from some type of unknown metal.

The powers of the sword are those of the elemental forces of fire and is similar in that respect to many greater Lightbringer weapons. The heat of the blade tends to also burn when a blow is struck although those who are impervious to fire or heat are not effected. The weapon is still ver sharp and the weapon is exquisitely balanced for fighting and is the equal of the greatest quality Dwarven forged weapons.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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