Valshara (Transformable Gauntlet Sword):

Gauntlet weapons, where a gauntlet and the weapon are combined, are one of the less common weapons used by warriors but they are popular among some groups. They are wielded slightly differently than a normal long sword but can be highly effective in a skilled warriors hands. As might be expected, the hand of the wielder is very well protected and is almost impossible to disarm. There are shorter versions with a heavy blade which are excellent when used defensively and there are longer bladed weapons which are used almost like lances.

There is only a handful of enchanted gauntlet weapons which are known with Valshara being one of the most famous. A gauntlet sword, Valshara is believed to be of comparatively recent creation. It is believed to have been created for a gladiator turned adventurer named Marsek. He is believed to have lived about four hundred years ago and was said to be undefeated in the arenas of the Land of the Sound Wind. Many of his opponents were far larger than him and included Ogres, Trolls, Minotaurs, and many other monster races. Marsek's ruthlessness was said to be legendary and he was also said to be virtually fearless. His favorite weapon in the arena was suppose to have been a gauntlet sword. Stories tell that he died while adventuring, challenging a Gargoyle Lord which a summoner had summoned to be his minion.

Since then, the weapon has been carried by a number of individuals, mostly mercenaries, but including a knight, an assassin, and another gladiator, a female this time. While impossible to take while it is being worn, thieves have managed to steal the weapon a few times and the weapon is recorded as having been lost while adventuring as well. The weapon has been wielded by some well known heroes, equally well known villains, and those in-between.

What makes Vashara special compared to most gauntlet weapons is the fact that weapon transforms. Normally, the magic item just appears to be a dark grey left handed plate gauntlet. The gauntlet extends three quarters of the way down the wearers forearm. The gauntlet's enchantment allows it to change size to fit virtually any hand. It will not shrink down so much as to fit a gnomes hand and will not resize itself upwards enough to fit that of a troll (or any creature larger.) It is extremely comfortable to wear and the wearer will barely notice it when they are wearing it.

The wielder must clench their hand into a fist and command it. The command word is "Glory." When commanded, a short double blade comes from the fist of the gauntlet along with a pair of shorter curved blades pop from the sides. When active, the gauntlet becomes no longer flexible. The command word of "Victory" is used to cause the blade to disappear again. The main blade is extremely sharp and is designed for both slashing and stabbing while the curved blades makes the weapon extremely effective when used for parrying. It is an extremely fine weapon, the equal of any Dwarven crafted weapon in existence. The weapon is undecorated but still has an attractiveness about it. As sometimes is said, functionality has a beauty of its own.

The enchantment on the gauntlet is similar to one available on armors but the gauntlet is not part of a full armor. Even so, it appears that no other alchemist seems to be able to replicate the enchantments on the item even though several have tried. The weapon also shows no signs of age and one of the enchantments on the weapon appears to make it indestructible.

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