Crystal Song (Magical Long Sword):

There is a famous Elven Alchemist known as Eldron who has created numerous enchanted crystal weapons. Other famous enchanted crystal weapons include the Staff of the Phoenix, Blue Crystal Swords, and the Crystal Staff of the Ankh. The Alchemist is known as much for his art involved in creating the weapons as the enchantments on his weapons. Still, most of his weapons are of the finest quality and are indestructible. Crystal Song is similar in many respects to a series of enchanted crystalline long swords he created and is considered to be one of his relatively minor works. No one really knows what happened to Eldron although there have been rumors of sightings. The last reliable information on him is several hundred years ago and no one knows if he is really alive or dead. One of the rumors is that he moved to the Elven Island. It is told that he knew secrets about enchanting crystal which have been lost in history and his magic items are extremely prized. This has also made the items he created targets for thieves.

What makes Crystal Song so unusual is that the sword sings when it is swung. The sword does not sing as if it is a person but instead produces a variety of musical notes which vary in pitch and tone depending on how the sword is swung. The sounds are similar to those produced by wind instruments such as a flute or pipe but have a crystalline quality to the tones. Because of this, Crystal Song is especially valued by minstrels.

No seam connects Crystal Song's blade, hand guard, and handle and the slim long sword appears to have been carved from a single large crystal. Along the blade are carved Elven musical symbols. The handle is carved in the design of a song bird and is highly detailed. The wings of the bird form the hand guard of the sword and the head of the bird points up the blade. The patterning on the handle gives the wielder a good grip on the sword even when slick from sweat or blood. The pommel of the sword is in the pattern of a birds tail. Both the wings and tail are detailed to the point of having individual feathers.

Like most of Eldron's creations, Crystal Song is balanced as well as the finest swords made by Dwarven weapon smiths and is incredibly sharp. The long sword shows no sign of wear and the incredible sharpness is partially due to the high quality construction and due to additional enchantments. As might be expected, the crystal sword is enchanted to be indestructible. Otherwise, it is likely that the weapon would shatter the first time it is used as a weapon.

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