Teleport Beacon (Miscellaneous Magic Items):

Extremely rare and unusual magic item which the primary purpose is to allow for teleportation without error. Many scholars believe that the first "Teleport Beacons" were created by the God Thoth but since then the secret has been discovered by several alchemist and while extremely rare, the knowledge is not unknown. Still, the knowledge is extremely rare and expensive with only a small number of alchemists knowing the secrets behind the magic. The items are considered extremely valuable with most royal estates having a teleport beacon and some wealthy nobles have them as well. There are extremely useful for messengers and envoys going to see the nobles.

While the appearance of the enchanted beacons vary, the most common style is that of a tall pyramid. This is believed to be a clue to the item's origin. The Teleport Beacons are made from a wide variety of materials including stone, metal, and even crystal. Common stone used includes granite or marble although more exotic stones are used in some as well. Metal beacons are commonly constructed from iron or bronze although some are constructed from precious metals such as silver and gold. Several of the beacons which are constructed from crystal are believed to have been constructed by the Elven alchemist known as Eldron. Some of the enchanted beacons are fairly plain and undecorated while others are highly decorated with carvings. One item which all of the beacons have in common is that they weight between fifty and one hundred pounds and cannot be simply be carried around. As well, something about the enchantments on the teleport beacon does not allow it to be teleported.

As stated previously, anyone attempting to teleport to the location of the location of the enchanted beacon will do so flawlessly. This includes all means of teleportation including teleport through spell magic including the spell of dimensional teleport, through the use of magic items such as a ring of teleportation, and through teleport circles. While the teleportation is flawless, the magic cost as normal and the range and weight limited of the magic are as per normal.

There are a number of variations on the teleport beacons which are both even more rare and more expensive. One enchantment causes anyone who tries to teleport within a certain radius of the teleport beacon will be teleported to the beacon instead. Ranges of the protection radius are from 100 feet (30.5 meters) for lesser versions to 1000 feet (305 meters) for greater versions. These special teleport beacons are usually used for security reasons to prevent unauthorized teleportation and the chambers which they are in are usually very well guarded. Another variation is that the beacon is protected by needing a special additional incantation, almost like a password, for anyone to teleport to the beacon. If the additional incantation is not used, the teleportation will simply fail with no teleport taking place. Finally, a ring of teleportation can be created which is linked to the teleport beacon so that the person automatically teleports back to the beacon.

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