Demon Bone Armor (Magical Plate Armor):

Some things are best being lost. One of those is the process by which Demon Bone Armor is made. Over the years, the number of these armors existing has shrank because while they are incredibly strong, they are not indestructible. The Demon Bone armor has always been very rare and was only made within the Western Empire. Unfortunately, a larger number of the armors have been appearing within the Western Empire. This has lead some scholars to believe that the magic to create these armors has been rediscovered. There are other opinions on the armor, some scholars believe that a large cache of armors constructed ages ago has been recently uncovered and others believe that the new armors are in reality convention magic armor made by Western Empire alchemists that are simply made to look like Demon Bone Armor. There have always been standard magical armors made to look like Demon Bone Armor but the magical properties exhibited by the armor seem to make it unlikely that the armor is not the real stuff.

The armor looks like a fearsome humanoid demon and has caused many opponents to run in fear rather than face the armor. This armor was worn by elite Western Empire knight in the past and there are stories told that the knights faced off whole armies and the other side took flight in battle even when the knights were outnumbered by over ten to one. The armor is heavy and is effectively full plate mail in how much it protects and movement penalties. The armor is a flat black and appears to be constructed from bone plates. The bone plates have sharp edges that can easily slice open an unprotected hand. The helm of the armor has large horns and looks like a demons skull.

The earliest records of Demon Bone Armor come from around the same time that the first Demon Black Ships were seen. This and some research into the methods of creation of the two items seems to support some scholars hypothesis that the armor was designed by the same beings who created the Demon Black Ships. The creation process involves dark necromancy and the way the armor is created is as much a factor in why the armor is considered evil as the powers of the armor. As can be implied by the name, the armor uses Demon Bone as the main component of the armor is very costly as a result. The price of the armor is comparable to that of a greater rune weapon.

The demon bone used in the armor causes several detrimental effects. First, the armor gives off a supernatural evil aura than can be detected by many psychics and magic casters. Some holy weapons can sense an evil aura as well. The evil aura is so powerful that it completely conceals the aura of any mortal that wears it. There has been at least one case where a non evil warrior found a suit and was confronted and killed by a being wielding a holy weapon. The evil aura is also part of the reason why the armor is so horrifying to look at and can terrorize enemies. As well, weapons which inflict extra damages either against demons or evil creatures will inflict that same extra damage to the armor. While a wearer cannot be banished like a true demon, they cannot enter circles or the radius of influence of other magics that prevent greater demons from entering.

Even with the armor's weaknesses, many consider the armors powers to be far superior to any perceived disadvantage. The armor is extremely hard to penetrate and is over twice as strong as normal plate mail. The armor regenerates far fast than any armor made by an alchemist and the armor regenerates almost as far as most demons. Fire, whether normal or magical, does nothing to the armor or the being inside the armor. In additions to the sharp edges on the armor itself, the armor has large claws that can be extended from each forearm. The most spectacular abilities of the armor is that it can burst into flames and fire bolts can be fired from the armors hand while the armor is on fire.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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