Healheart (Lightbringer Rune Dagger):

Most weapons are made to kill. While Healheart is still a weapons, it primary use is to heal. It is one of the best known "holy" rune weapons and has been carried my a multitude of well know priests and healers over its history. The lineage of the dagger can be traced back almost five thousand years ands is believed to actually be much older than that. While its is unknown which god the weapon was originally created for, it is treasured by temples of healing and by all priests of light. Some scholars believe that the dagger was made by Thoth but there is no real evidence to support or disprove this. Even though best known as a tool for healing, the dagger has been used to protect more than one healer who someone attempted to take their life. It is a simple fact that healers have to protect themselves when combat goes on around them even if they do not take sides. As well, bandits will also sometimes attempt to rob healers. In some cases, rulers and military officers will want healers for themselves or to keep them out of the hands of their enemies and healers have to protect themselves from them as well.

Like most Lightbringer weapons, Healheart does not appear to have a strong personality but every once and a while, a healer will get a good feeling when they are correct in their procedure which they attempting and have a bad feeling when there is something wrong with what they are attempting. The dagger is aligned to go and individuals who are evil or selfish will be unable to bear the dagger.

The dagger is fairly plain and is in the shape of a stiletto style dagger with a slim handle and blade. The quillons are straight and are about an inch and a half long each. They end in small balls. The daggers appears to be constructed from light grey metal which is almost white. Along the blade and handle are tiny runes which is the only real decoration on the weapon. The blade is incredibly sharp and like most rune weapons, it is indestructible and keeps its keen edge. Balance is also excellent and the weapon can thrown. Few like to throw the dagger due to the risk of loss. The Lightbringer dagger glows a faint light blue when it is drawn.

The weapon has clerical abilities similar to those of many rune weapons including the ability to heal wounds, remove curse, and the ability to repel animated dead. Unlike many rune weapons with clerical abilities, the weapon does not have the ability to animate dead but instead has the ability to negate poisons up to six times per day. The other powers of the weapon are more unusual and are more subjective. Due to its incredibly keep edge, it makes an excellent surgical instrument. It also seems that injuries which a healer attempts to work on using the dagger during surgery have a better chance of healing properly than if a normal blade is used. The blade also seems to reduce the rate of post surgery infection.

As a weapon, Healheart is capable but is not a combat weapon like most of the greater rune weapons. Still, it is well designed for that need and is quite a dangerous weapon when properly wielded. Due to the weapons short length, it is more of a defensive weapon than an offensive weapon.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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