Darkflame Swords (Magical Flaming Swords):

Flaming weapons are an interesting magic item. They are swords of magic flame extending from a handle. Sometimes these blades burn red, white, blue, or yellow. As one might expect, the flaming blade produces light equal to several torches. This both acts to limit the wielder's night vision and it is impossible to hide the weapon in the dark.

Darkflame Swords are different. As the name of the sword indicates, the flames burn black and the weapon produces no light. This means that the weapon does not give up the wielder's position in the dark. Otherwise, the magical fire burns just as hot as a normal flaming sword. Length of the flaming black blades is around the length of a long sword.

Only a handful of alchemists are believed to know how to create these black flaming blades. Most of the alchemists who know how to make these weapons are in the Western Empire although a handful are in other lands. Only a comparatively small number of these Darkflame Swords are believed to have been created. The first of these swords is believe to have only have been created less than a hundred years ago.

This first Darkflame Sword is believed to have been commissioned by an assassin in the Land of the South Wind. Rumor is the assassins was soon killed by another assassin. Since then, these weapons have become quite popular. While most popular with assassins and thieves, mercenaries and other professions also find the weapons extremely useful. As one might expect, the weapons are more expensive than a normal enchanted flaming blade although most consider them to be worth the extra cost.

In most cases, the hilt of these swords appear to be made from black material, usually metal, and are plain and unadorned. The handle, even when made from metal, is impervious to heat so that the wielder does not burn themselves with the weapon. The scabbards are usually similar as well. Simple with little in the form of decorations. As with most flaming weapons, these swords require a special scabbard which is imperious to fire.

The blade does no damage to targets which are impervious to flame. The flaming blade is effectively solid and can be used to parry. Even though the blades are made of fire, these swords are extremely well balanced, equal to that created by a master craftsman.

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