Ath'rakin (Enchanted Berdiche):

In actual construction, this weapon is not especially exceptional in quality. It is an enchanted weapon of high quality but it is the history of the weapon more than anything else. Nobody knows who made this weapon although it is believed to date from far back in the past. It has a slight fell reputation based on some of who wielded the weapon and the weapon’s appearance.

One of the earliest known wielders is a Kobold war leader known as Lyeroth, who is said to have through force of will held together an army of Kobolds, Orcs, Goblins, and Ogres. This army is known to have devastated a huge number of communities in the Timero Kingdom. Even a number of border fortresses were known to have fallen to his forces. Whenever the army took a place, town or fortress, it is said that everybody was slain except a few human females taken by the Ogres and some which are said to have been sacrificed later. It has been suggested that Lyeroth was a demon thrall, sometimes also known as a witch. Stories tell that it required a massive mobilization of Timero Kingdom forces to defeat the raiders and he fell himself at the hands of a powerful female wizard.

Several decades later, the pole weapon found itself on the border between the Wolfen Empire and the Eastern Territory. It is suggested that the weapon was taken up by a Wolfen commander who went by the name Dyachkel. It is suggested that he was declared outlaw by the Empire. He became a bandit leader somehow gathered a force of outlaw Wolfen, Coyle, Humans, and a number of the races together into a raiding forces. They are suppose to have attacked both Wolfen and Human communities. His bandits burned towns, villages, and outposts on both sides. It is said that he slew hundreds of innocents before he was finally taken down. Eventually, it is said that his forces were ambushed by a set of rangers and long bowmen and his own forces were slain to the last being.

The weapon was picked by one of the leaders of those who slew the raiders. He carried it for a time. Since then, the weapon has passed through a number of human hands. This has included those who made their life with the armies of the Eastern Territory and various adventurers. There are stories of non human war leaders who would like to capture the weapon. It would give the leader a lot of respect to carry the weapon.

In style, the weapon’s head is the standard long cleaver like blade standard for a Berdiche. The metal of the head is an extremely dark grey, almost black. Engraved on each side of the head, there are designs of carnage. The theme of the design is an army of creatures, non humans such as Kobolds, Ogres, Orcs, and Goblins attacking humans and slaying them including women and children. There is the suggestion of demons behind the scenes in the shadows. The weapon’s shaft is made from a yellow wood which almost feels like stone.

While well balanced, the weapon is not quite up to the best Dwarven standards. Most believe that the weapon was crafted originally by an extremely skilled Kobold weaponsmith. One should not dismiss the craftsmanship of this weapon just because it is made by Kobolds instead of Dwarves.

None of the enchantments are particularly unusual. As with many enchanted weapons, the Berdiche is enchanted to be indestructible. In addition, the blade is enchanted to do additional damage and to be extremely sharp. It is an extremely dangerous weapon, rivaling many lesser rune weapons in this respect.

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